bob's paradise

Posted By: paradise

bob's paradise - 10/09/01 09:25 PM

i am looking for information on a small resort named bob's paradise. it is just north of monkey river. it is run by my father
i don't think he evacuated. any info would be helpfull
thanks-bob jr.
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Re: bob's paradise - 10/09/01 09:50 PM

I hope you will find your father soon and that he is okay. Best wishes!!!
Posted By: Cinca

Re: bob's paradise - 10/10/01 12:04 AM

I'm with you Bob Jr. I ate dinner there one time while I was down there. I'm also looking for any information about Sam & Martha at The Monkey House Resort.
Posted By: kcbc

Re: bob's paradise - 10/10/01 12:23 AM

All Monkey River people evacuated to the Community Center and the Health Clinic. It was reported earlier this morning that other than someone with three broke fingers that needed some medical help that all there were reported well. Severe property damage in Monkey River though with almost all the houses down except for the two hurricane shelter sights. Only loss of live reported so far have been tourists. Monkey River also reported only one working phone so other than things being hard on them might take your Dad sometime to get in touch with you. Hope this helps a littel
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Re: bob's paradise - 10/10/01 12:36 AM

Bob Jr.,
I will let you know as soon as I hear anything!
Best Regards,
Tony Scott
Posted By: MAS

Re: bob's paradise - 10/10/01 01:35 AM

EJ called me and said that he heard from someone who said that "Sam & Bob had been spotted". That's it---don't know where they were spotted or when. I understand that The Monkey House and Bob's Paradise are gone.
Can call me at: 281-331-6618 (I'm in Houston, Tx) if you want but I don't have much more news than I've just written.
Martha (from The Monkey House)
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