Peter and Marcia Fox??

Posted By: Gail and Lee Dusa

Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/09/01 10:10 PM

Yesterday (Sept 8th) around ten am we spoke with Peter and Marcia Fox by phone at their home in Placencia (Mariposa). They said they were taking their open-bow boat and two dogs and heading up Mango Creek or some other river in the lagoon to wait out the storm. They indicated they were leaving right away, so that would have been early on Monday. We are praying for their safety and are terriblby worried about them. Perhaps they got word of the changed path and sought shelter elsewhere. So far no one we have spoken with has heard from them. Is there anyone around who is searching for those missing? Please pass the word to help find Peter and Marcia. Thanks and God Bless.
Posted By: Wadeb

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/09/01 10:25 PM

I have heard nothing of Peter and Marcia other than they were going to Mango Creek. I hope someone has seen or heard something. Please let me know if you hear anything...

Do you have any information about your place and how it fared???
Posted By: JScott

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/09/01 11:06 PM

Gail & Lee,

You may not remember me. Scott Johnson ( from kansas City. I was just down in Placencia last week... stopped by to see if you were there... obviously you weren't.

Have you heard how your placed did through the storm?
Posted By: PRIDER

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/09/01 11:29 PM

I too am a friend of Peter and Marcia, please post any info you may receive concerning their status. I sent them some E-mails prior to the hurricane but that's the last I heard from them. I concerned...
Posted By: Gail and Lee Dusa

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/09/01 11:33 PM

Just spoke to Albert Loewen via cell phone. He spoke by phone with Peter and Marcia this morning. They did spend the night in Mango Creek, very near where the other boats went down. They are fine. Don't know where they are right now, but they are OK! Thank God!

And to Scott, thank you for your concern. Our house is fine. Water came through the lower level as it was designed to do. The dock is gone. They say it looks like winter; half the trees are down, and those standing don't have a leaf on them. Our caretaker's house is OK, too. He is already working to clean up the mess.

Let's remember those who have been left homeless by this storm and those who have lost their businesses. Please ask your friends to donate to the relief efforts.
Posted By: diann

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/09/01 11:42 PM

Just tried to leave you an email via your page/form, but it wouldn't work. Just wanted to say that there is a group of us here in CO that get together quite often, and if you'd like to join us some time, post via the board or email me. Take care....

[email protected]
Posted By: Wadeb

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/10/01 12:44 AM

Great! Glad they are OK...

I hope we get more of these sort of messages, as the next few days bring out all the personal stories.

There are some local efforts being brought together and we should get a good idea as to what is needed, very shortly.
Posted By: PRIDER

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/10/01 01:49 PM

Thanks for the report on Peter and Marcia, I'm sure glad to here they are OK. Hope their place survived without to much damage. If you contact them again, please tell them that Paul and Pam from Louisiana are thinking of them, they are in our hearts and prayers.

Wade, great to heare that your folks are also doing OK. We met you several years ago at Rum Point and have been back several times and enjoyed the company of your mom and dad. Have you heard anything on the damage at Rum Point?

We pray for the people of Belize and specially those who are going through this nightmare in Placencia and the surrounding area.

Please keep us informed. Thanks again!
Posted By: Wadeb

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/10/01 02:15 PM

All I know is that they are fine. The place has not been seen yet. Although I am hearing rumors, and hope that most of them are not true.

My brother is on his way down from New Orleans with medical and other supplies. He will getting me a report as soon as he is able. I will try and put as much information about the Inn and the communities in the area on the board as I recieve it...
Posted By: AmyCarter

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/10/01 09:14 PM

Gail and Lee Dusa,

Hi. My name is Amy Carter. My husband Alan & I have a cement bungalow in between Kitty's house and the Snell's house(beside Mariposa). If you have seen it or know someone who has, any info. would be appreciated. Glad to hear Peter and Marcia are ok as well as everyone else in the village. We are thinking about everyone. What would be the best way for us to help?

Amy Carter
Posted By: AmyCarter

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/10/01 09:20 PM

Gail and Lee,

Just realized you're not actually in Belize, so I know you wouldn't have seen my house. But, if you speak to anyone please send me a message.

Thank you.
Posted By: HSVGAL

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/11/01 12:02 AM

Gail and Lee:
I'm so glad you've heard from your friends. I am trying to find my brother FRED MUELLER and his fiance DEBBIE STURGIS who live in Placencia. Do you know Fred? He's been there frequenly since 1994 and has lived there twice prior to retiring there this year. HE is a very tall American, and always wears a brown wide-brimmed leather hat, thus the nickname HATMAN. He is a friend of George Eiley and many other locals. We have not heard from them since Sunday when Debbie called my brother Mike in St. Louis to advise that Fred was very ill and she planned to take him to a doctor or hospital. I've checked Belmopan and Dangriga hospitals and no one has seen him.
Please ask anywone you are in contact with if they know anything about Fred and Debbie. My email is [email protected] Thanks and may God bless you and all Belize!
Posted By: Rexfox

Re: Peter and Marcia Fox?? - 10/11/01 10:18 PM

Glad to hear that Peter & Marcia are safe. If anyone gets a chance to talk to them, please let them know that Steve & Rexie Fox are glad to know they are safe. We also found a picture of Mariposa and it is standing. If anyone has news, please send to [email protected] or [email protected]
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by the hurricane.

Thanks. Rexie Fox
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