The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite-

Posted By: Marty

The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 03:41 AM

Elito and I wanted to give you an update from San Pedro. All
of San Pedro has been working nonstop all day raising money and donations
of food and clothing. The Town Hall has been the headquarters for the
fundraising efforts. Everyone from highschool students to business have
volunteered their time to the fundraising. The Reef Radio has been
basically been airing the efforts from Town Hall throughtout the day in the
form of a telethon. The efforts of all these wonderful has raised close to
thirty thousand dollars so far. The Town Board trucks also went through
the streets and from home to home collecting donations. We also know that
at least one plane load of supplies fly from San Pedro to Placencia.
Tomorrow a group of boats will depart San Pedro for Placencia loaded with
relief supplies. They plan to stop at other devastated communities along
the way and drop off supplies. So far we know that our boat SEAduced,
Tanisha, BottomTime, Sea Wolf, Barefoot Watersports and Searious will be
making that trip.
Thank You San Pedro and San Pedranos!!
We will update you tomorrow when Elito gets back from Placencia.
Rebecca Arceo
SEAduced by Belize

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Posted By: kimberly matson

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 03:50 AM

Marty, Rebecca, I am scheduled to come to AC the 18th of this month. I work in a hospital and always bring medical supplies to the Lions Clinic. Could these be better used down south on the mainland? I would be happy to donate. Is there anything specific in the way of medical supplies that they need? Kim Matson- Wichita, KS
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 04:47 AM

Kim- Email us at [email protected]

You know my sister there Tiffany, and you all helped helped out on Hurricane Kieth. We go down on the 30th and we can take more.. Let me know, Thanks, Rick
Posted By: beverly1

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 05:27 AM

Marty: I just spoke too Julian and Sonny and they will be in the village tomorrow. I don't think alot of people there know about what you are doing yet, so when you show up there will be many grateful folks. Julian's parents lost their home (on the sidewalk near BTL)...its all rubble. Same with most everything east of the sidewalk from the sounds of things. I'm not sure who you are, but you sound like an angel. I hope you are asleep and dreaming right now. It sounds like you've been pretty non-stop for the whole time I've looked back over to find out details. Its rough sitting here in PA, USA, trying to figure what to do.
Posted By: Kacey67212

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 03:49 PM

Kim, I am also in Wichita. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with. I have a brother going to school at St. Matthew's in AC. I was there last April and fell in love with the people and the island. I have all next week off so let me know. Wish I was going along!! Please email me at [email protected]
Sharolyn Meyeres
Posted By: Marty

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 05:18 PM

Hi Wichita folks! I was born in wichita! spent my first 15 years there...

Kim- I am not sure, but i think within a day or two we should be able to answer that question. stay in touch, email me at home at [email protected] sometimes i miss some of these messages...
Posted By: diveron

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/10/01 07:37 PM

Hey Guys,

We are in Kansas as well. We are ariving in San Pedro tommorow. We are bringing clothes for donation. Any other suggestions as to what we should bring ? Marty, We want to donate moneyto the relief effort. Should we do that from here or wait till we arrive on the Island? I know that you have esablished a fund. Please let us know what to do and Thank you for all of your hard work. You are a Godsend for the people of Belize and all of us as well!
Posted By: diveron

Re: The Arceo's, from San Pedro, Tues Nite- - 10/11/01 12:35 AM

Marty you can e-mail us with any suggestions.....At [email protected]

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