Placencia - Turtle Inn

Posted By: BarbG

Placencia - Turtle Inn - 10/10/01 04:04 PM

So terribly sorry about the devastating effects of Iris -- I am hopeful that there will be no additional loss of life realized from this awful tragedy.

Does anyone have any info. on the condition of the Turtle Inn or its beach houses?

Thank you so much for any info. -- we have confirmed plans to stay there in March.
Posted By: ckocian

Re: Placencia - Turtle Inn - 10/10/01 04:15 PM

If you can call or email Blancaneaux, they can probably tell you what damage there is. But they'll be back way before March.
Posted By: BarbG

Re: Placencia - Turtle Inn - 10/10/01 05:17 PM

Thanks -- I have sent an email and hope to hear soon (although I understand that power is out in Placencia) and the folks may not have made it back to Turtle Inn.

Thanks, too, for the word of them "being back before then". Our family DEFINITELY wants to contribute to the local economy -- wish I could be there now to help folks do anything at all.

I know how tough it is to get news in the aftermath of a hurricane - my Dad and three older brothers were considered lost in Camille back in '69, yet they emerged from a mountain, safe, but it was agonizing just waiting for days to get to them, etc.

Best wishes to all.
Posted By: ckocian

Re: Placencia - Turtle Inn - 10/10/01 06:01 PM

Folks were getting through by road from the mainland as early as Tuesday morning. I'm sure there's some report of damage to the management, but info will be slow getting out as to exactly what the situation is. You're right, emergency efforts are the priority.

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