??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia??

Posted By: mcjennifer

??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/10/01 11:35 PM

I'm trying to find out if Maralyn Gill is okay and safe. She is the owner of Rasta Pasta in Placencia. If anyone knows her status please let me know. My name is Paula Viehmann from Ambergris Caye. e-mail-
[email protected]
phone 021-2096
Posted By: Marty

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/10/01 11:42 PM

they are all fine, talked to someone who spoke with Robbie....
Posted By: beverly1

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/10/01 11:43 PM are an angel
Posted By: bfoster75

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/10/01 11:52 PM

thanks marty, my wife and i are also friends of maralyn and were concerned.
Posted By: rcat;in

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/11/01 01:02 AM

I talked with Robbie this AM and my son Toby who is in Placencia this PM when Robbie got there with his cell phone. Maralyn et al are fine, her business and home are completly gone. They are staying with my son who seems to have only one of the still standing houses in P. He tried to describe the devestation but he was still in shock and words were hard for him to find that accuratly depicted what he saw He has two or three families living with him now. That's about all I know. I keep praying for them all and I'm not a terribly religious person but whatever works.
Posted By: Diane Albino

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/11/01 02:12 AM

So glad to hear that Maralyn is okay. So sad to hear that her house etc is gone. How can I get word to her? How can I send her help/stuff/etc?

[email protected]
Posted By: Catherine Watson

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/11/01 04:48 AM

Maralyn, I've talked to Marge twice today and given her this website. Sis, we love all of you so. Just let us know what you need. Grandbabies & everyone OK? Did you head for a cave? Let me know anything you know about our other friends.
Love & prayers, Catherine
Posted By: larryguate

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/17/01 03:16 AM

Maralyn Gill can be reached on a cell phone from 6pm to 9pm at (501)168-846. SHe has survived and has lost everything! Spoke to her a half hour ago....
Posted By: beverly1

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/17/01 08:19 PM

I will be coming down to Placencia next week - 23rd - so if Maralyn needs anything or you want to send it, contact me at [email protected]

Tell her for me "julian's friend".
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/18/01 12:54 AM

I heard Marilyn is in San Pedro. She has been spotted here.
Posted By: larryguate

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/18/01 01:19 AM

Maralyn is not in San Pedro. I spoke with her, she is in Placencia.
Posted By: trina

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 10/18/01 05:45 AM

Hubby and I ate at Rasta Pasta just last summer. I still can't believe this! I can still see the palm trees and picture the ocean in the distance. First the tragedies on Sept 11; now this. Unbelievable.
Posted By: rastapasta

Re: ??Maralyn -Rasta Pasta, Placencia?? - 11/19/01 10:49 PM

OK Iīm in Mexico for my nieces wdding thanks to wonderful cash donation from Catherine Watson... reality is I donīt know what Iīm doing but am buzy getting spices back on line cause 2 grandbabies to support and Victoria still in <junior College is not any easy financial task to fill especially wihout Bert to hang on too..he will be missed dearly and <i am homeless and completely broke right now.... Thanks for all your prayers and support..can reach me at P.O. Box 2319 Belize City, BELIZE amd new cell number is 019 3949 and is on all the time.. will reach San <pedro Tuesday so please be in touch everyone it helps keep me strong Nuff love Maralyn Do have Albertīs CD available also nly about 125 left... M
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