Can we stay at Rum Point?

Posted By: suzblues

Can we stay at Rum Point? - 10/11/01 04:33 PM

We were due to arrive at Rum Point Inn on Sunday, we are supposed to fly out tomorrow. Does anyone know what we are to do? Are there alternate accomodations for guests who were coming this weekend? When will RPI be operational? We are trying to change our airline tickets but we're not getting much cooperation.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Can we stay at Rum Point? - 10/11/01 04:52 PM

RPI "might" be open Sunday - there is an excellent chance they can be according to a conversation I just had with Kitty Fox of Kitty's Place. Sunday might be a little early to go diving and have a "normal" vacation ........ What I would suggest is that you still plan to come to Belize - if you have not yet been able to reach RPI, come out to San Pedro and have Iraida at Travel and Tour help you make contact at RPI and either go there and have your planned vacation, OR stay elsewhere and have fun anyhow. Contact Iraida at: <[email protected]> or by phone at: 011-501-26-2137
Your alternative is to postpone the trip and apply your deposits at RPI against a vacation at a future date there.

Good luck with your plans ........
Posted By: Wadeb

Re: Can we stay at Rum Point? - 10/11/01 09:52 PM

I just got the word, and Rum Point Inn will be looking to open for business on or about Thanksgiving week.

At this time there is much clean up and many, if not all, of the staff and guides have many things to do to get their own houses in order.

Please call your airline to see if they will be able to change your dates due to the unusual circumstances, and call your agent to make appropriate arrangements.

Until there is electricity and phone service Rum Point Inn will have limited access to the outside, and will get the word out to one and all, once it is logistically feasible.

Thank you for your patience in these unanticipated times...
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