caye conditions? (particularly Ranguana)

Posted By: rrenteri

caye conditions? (particularly Ranguana) - 10/11/01 07:29 PM

Hello. Does anyone have any information yet on the damage done to the cayes that took the brunt of the winds and wave action? I know the beaches tend to move around during big storms, for example. Have cayes ever disappeared after big hurricanes? Has the barrier reef suffered noticeable damage?

In particular, what damage has been done to Ranguana Caye? Were the cabanas blown into the sea? Do any trees remain? Any beach?

My wife and I have tickets to Belize in November for our honeymoon, and we had been planning to go to Ranguana Caye. We'll adjust our plans, but I was curious what sort of damage the islands may have sustained.

Thank you, and best of luck to all affected as you deal with the storm's aftermath.

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Re: caye conditions? (particularly Ranguana) - 10/11/01 08:22 PM

I'm talking to another Caye manager tonight who was going to try to go see his today if he can get his boat refloating (it was 'resting' on the bottom of the lagoon). Problem is no fuel in the village. I'll let you know if and when I hear.
Posted By: rrenteri

Re: caye conditions? (particularly Ranguana) - 10/12/01 07:56 PM

Thank you. I look forward to your information and wish you and your friends the best of luck in getting your businesses going again.

What sort of damage to the cayes did Keith and Mitch do? I'm curious whether hurricanes generally destroy sections of coral or drive away fish to other areas for lenghts of time, such as from the bonefish flats. Do they restructure beaches and submerge cayes?

Posted By: Marty

Re: caye conditions? (particularly Ranguana) - 10/12/01 08:21 PM

each storm is different. keith was mostly wind, mitch (for san pedro) was mostly ocean swell. underwater fared worse with mitch. around san pedro.
Posted By: ChampAusTx

Re: caye conditions? (particularly Ranguana) - 10/12/01 11:10 PM

Hurricanes usually bring more fish! The problem is they are hard to see because the water is churned up.
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