Carol's Cabanas, Placencia Village

Posted By: CharlieB

Carol's Cabanas, Placencia Village - 10/12/01 05:31 AM

We're booked Jan-Feb at Carol's Cabanas and wonder how they came thru the storm. Thanks for any info.
Posted By: peyton

Re: Carol's Cabanas, Placencia Village - 10/13/01 12:17 AM

We are also Booked at Carol's Cabans for Febuary and are hoping Placencia will be back on its feet. Everyone has been so nice helping with our travel arrangements, we are so looking forward to meeting Placencians in person! The very best of luck and hard work to your communities in getting back on your feet!
We still want to visit!
Posted By: Laurie Beckstead

Re: Carol's Cabanas, Placencia Village - 10/13/01 02:35 AM

My best suggestion to those with reservations for later in the winter. Sit tight for a few weeks. I, too, am going in February (can't wait either and the snow hasn't even arrived yet!).

After all, the rest of Belize is still open for business so if Placencia doesn't get things done in time (although February is a long way away), well, here are other areas still in Stann Creek District that are open for business. has some information on some of the bigger resorts in Placencia.
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