Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/20/01 09:29 PM

Here's a hotel and other visitor facility damage report round-up. If I've missed someting or made errors, please let me know. Thanks.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First


HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND VISITOR FACILITIES DAMAGE REPORT: What hotels, restaurants and other visitor facilities in Belize were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Iris in October? Which ones are open now? Here’s a list BELIZE FIRST has compiled, based on first-person reports in Belize and information straight from the hotels and other facilities. We’ve tried to cover as much ground as we can, but we know we’ve missed some hotels, as communications with remote areas are still difficult. It’s also likely that some of this information could change, as hotels rebuild and recover from the storm. The information contained in this report is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. If you’re planning to stay at a specific hotel in an area that received significant damage, such as Placencia, the best advice is to try to reach that hotel directly, to ask about the status of repairs and the reopening date.

If you have additional information, updates or corrections, please contact BELIZE FIRST.

The GOOD NEWS is that with exceptions of Placencia village, Monkey River and a few other areas, most hotels and other visitor facilities in Belize are open and operating as usual. Come on down!

Ambergris Caye: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Caye Caulker: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Belize City: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

San Ignacio Area, Cayo District: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Belmopan Area: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Mountain Pine Ridge: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Corozal District: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Orange Walk District: No damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Dangriga: Very little damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Punta Gorda Town: Very limited damage -- all hotels operating normally.

Hopkins/Sittee Point: Only limited damage from high waves. Some debris on beaches. Swinging Armadillo restaurant and Over the Waves restaurants destroyed. Swinging Armadillo is rebuilding. Dock at Hamanasi destroyed but hotel and pool are undamaged and are operating normally. Jaguar Reef undamaged and operating normally. No other reports of significant damage in the area and hotels are operating normally.

Placencia Peninsula: The center of the hurricane came ashore near the south end of the peninsula, causing severe damage to wooden structures in Placencia and Seine Bight villages. Maya Beach had less damage. Electricity, water, telephone (except cell) and Internet service is still out in most areas. These services may be operating again by late November, but in some areas this could take longer. Larger hotels are trucking in water and some properties have their own generators.

Maya Beach (Placencia Peninsula):

Barnacle Bill’s: Some damage to one cottage. Expected to be ready for guests in November.

Mango’s Restaurant: Roof blown off but being replaced.

Green Parrot: Moderate damage.

Maya Playa: Destroyed.

Maya Beach Hotel: One building heavily damaged.

Maya Breeze Inn: Status unknown.

Singing Sands: Cabins damaged. Pool destroyed.

Ocean’s Edge: Little damage. Both cottages okay.

Seine Bight Village Area (Placencia Peninsula):

Inn at Robert’s Grove: Little serious damage. Ready to accept guests by November 1. At least one pool open.

Miller’s Landing: Some damage. Expected to be ready for guests by Christmas. Pool damaged and will not be open by then.

Luba Hati: Main hotel building and cabins appear okay. Status unknown.

Nautical Inn: Some damage but buildings still standing. May reopen in November.

Blue Crab: Significant damage, including restaurant and some cabins. Rebuilding and could be open in November or December.

Angelfish Inn: Heavily damaged.

Bahia Laguna: This vacant hotel is still standing but was damaged.

Placencia Village Area:

Kitty’s Place: Little damage. Restaurant open and most units including beachfront cottages ready for guests.

Mariposa: Some damage. Will not reopen until mid-January 2002.

Blancaneaux’s Turtle Inn: Mostly destroyed. Work has begun on rebuilding. Reopening date not announced.

Mother Ocean: All but two cabins destroyed and these are in poor condition.

Serenity: Main buildings okay.

Rum Point Inn: Some damage. Newer quad units only minor damage. Expected to be ready for guests by Thanksgiving. Pool damaged and will not be ready by then.

Seaspray: Older buildings damaged and condemned. Newer building expected to be ready for guests in December.

De Tatch Restaurant: Destroyed.

Sea Horse Dive Shop: Destroyed.

Tentacles and Dockside: Destroyed. Expected to rebuild.

Sonny’s: Destroyed.

Purple Space Monkey Cybercafe: Lost roof but now reopened (still without Internet access, however.)

Westwind: Heavily damaged but still standing.

Village Inn: Seriously damaged.

Sun and Sea Cabanas: Seriously damaged.

Ranguana Cottages: Destroyed.

Coconut Cottages: Destroyed.

Barracuda & Jaguar Inn: Damaged, including roofs blown off, but being repaired.

Sunrider: Destroyed.

Julia’s and Lawrence’s Guesthouse: Destroyed

Manatee Inn: Some damage but may be ready for guests in late November.

Atlantic Bank: Office has reopened for business.

Placencia Grocery: Open.

Olga’s Grocery: Open.

Cozy Corners: Destroyed

Tradewinds: Two cabins destroyed. Other cabins damaged but can be repaired. Main house lost roof but can be repaired.

Soulshine Resort: Seriously damaged. May reopen by Christmas.

Monkey River: This village was almost completely destroyed.

Bob’s Paradise: Destroyed.

The Monkey House: Destroyed.

Rural Toledo District: Although the town of PG escaped serious damage, many rural areas of Toledo were heavily damaged, mostly by high winds. Thousands of people are temporarily homeless (rebuilding of thatch houses and other houses has begun.) In some areas, up to 90% of the rainforest was blown down.

IZE’s Blue Creek Lodge: Some cabins damaged, rainforest canopy walk destroyed, many trees down.

Ranguana Caye: Most cabanas at Ranguana Lodge heavily damaged.

Tobacco Caye: Gaviota and Reef’s End lodges seriously damaged. Other hotels expected to reopen in November.

Long Caye at Glover’s Reef: Slick Rock’s facility received some damage -- three cabins were knocked down but probably can be repaired. Expects to be ready for first guests of season in late November.

Southwater Caye: Some damage from storm surge. IZE Leslie’s cabins damaged, expected to be ready for guests in late November. Some damage to Pelican Beach properties.

Turneffe: No significant damage -- lodges operating normally.

Lighthouse Reef: No significant damage -- Lighthouse Reef Resort operating normally.

St. George’s Caye: No significant damage -- hotels operating normally.

Southwest Caye: Manta Resort reportedly received significant damage -- reopening date unknown.

Frank’s Caye in the Sapodillas: No significant damage to Serenade Island Resort.

Whipray Caye: Cabins and facilities virtually destroyed.
Posted By: trina

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/21/01 12:55 AM

Reading this list, and viewing pictures of Placencia, is just devestating. DeTatch was our favorite place on the planet; we would sit out there for hours and sip a Belikin. When we arrived at Seaspray last June and sat down there on the beach, I felt like I had arrived "home" (we;d been there the year before as well). Weird.....not really truly home, but home. Although, keeping it all in proper perspective, we feel only a miniscule fraction of the devestation of the folks who actually live and work there. You are all in our thoughts!!!
Posted By: karin

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/21/01 02:46 PM

Lan, from what I understand, the dock at Hamanasi was not completely destroyed but "damaged". On the other hand, I was told that the dock at Jaguar Reef is completely gone...
Posted By: bobby grimes

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/22/01 04:54 AM

Good Report Lan

Please add the following;

Serenade Guest House. Light damage to main building, juice bar gone.

Working to fully reopen by mid-november.

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/22/01 02:30 PM

Thanks. I'll add the Serenade info to the damage report on our Web edition.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Therese

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/22/01 10:57 PM

Lan - anything about Cunche's Villa?

Posted By: CharlieB

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/23/01 05:09 PM

Any info on Carol's Cabanas in Placencia?
Posted By: holdleo

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/23/01 10:24 PM

Thanks for such a good report.
Do you have any info on what was last known by me as 'little water caye' and also Harry's cabanas in placencia? How about Effie's Place in Seine Bight?
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/24/01 12:25 AM

I know Cunche's is totally gone.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: haikudaddy

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/24/01 03:42 PM

Thank you for such a thorough report! I was wondering if you knew where the Green Parrot fit into this picture. I am hearing conflicting reports - one in which the owners plan to rebuild, and another in which rebuilding may not be in the cards. Basically my wife and I want to know whether we will be staying there in February as planned or if we should look at some alternatives. Thanks again!
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/24/01 04:03 PM

Ranguana Lodge in Placencia Village was destroyed.

Ranguana Caye (out on the reef) has small rental cottages - reports are that one of them was destroyed but that everything else out there is fine, and that in fact the beach is larger today than before the storm.
The cottages at Ranguana Caye are not yet ready to re-open for business, but should do so fairly soon.
Posted By: maryt

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/24/01 10:09 PM

Carol's Cabanas were water-damaged, but basically ok. Cunche's Villa's building was knocked across the sidewalk. Ranguana Lodge cabanas were destroyed, but Eddie Leslie plans to build new ones. Ranguana Caye is ok, except for the eastern-most cabana which was destroyed.

Posted By: haikudaddy

Re: Hotel Damage Report -- Roundup - 10/28/01 04:45 PM

Good News from David and Asma of the Green Parrot Resort in Placencia:

Here is what is going on:
1) the damage was mostly on the south side of the property, from the
restaurant to the small cabanas. The large house cabanas suffered less
damage and the crew is currently giving them a face left, which should be
completed before Thanksgiving of this year.
Our apartment was spared, just some water damage that will be cleaned up in
no time.
However, now we have a small, but very cute restaurant set up till we have
the new and improved restaurant ready, which we hope to open By late
December or early January.
The work is being done in three phases; first get the house cabana and
surroundings done and back in good shape by Thanksgiving or sooner. Second
phase is the restaurant, kitchen and offices. Parts will be cleaned up and
repaired, other parts will be constructed new.
Last phase is the south side of the property, which will be all new and we
hope to have that done by early next year.
Aside from that, we hope to have power soon so that I can work our e-mail
daily vs. weekly and be able to get back with people in a timely manner, we
hope to have power by next week.
We are both doing well, working very hard and looking forward to having life
back in order soon.
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