To Rasta Pasta

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To Rasta Pasta - 11/12/01 02:59 PM

Please send me an address where I might be able to send something. My husband and I were in Placencia in June and spent wonderful times with Albert Gill. We were so heartbroken to hear that such a good strong man would do such a thing. He was very kind to us and had us over for dinner at Dewey's when he was there. He was such a gentleman. We have a short video of him that you might want to see. it is not much but I don't know if you have any videos of him because people don't usually have many videos of people they love. Please let us know how to contact you and we will send the video along.

With love and sympathy.

Jennifer Drea
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Re: To Rasta Pasta - 11/12/01 04:22 PM

I am going down on Nov 23rd, and I will take the video to Maralyn, IF she wants it. We will see what she says, and make plans from there.

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Re: To Rasta Pasta - 11/19/01 10:26 PM

This his wife that he had recently left when you met him. <my address in Belize is P.O. Box 2319 Belize City, BLIZE he is very much missed and canīt tell you why or how <i wll live on without him, <our restaurant was completely destroyed als... Thanks for asking am hoping to rebuild something and do a plant a tree foundation in his name... <nuff love Maralyn Gill
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