Posted By: Paul Ferguson

Corozal? - 10/01/00 11:58 PM

I have A BTL PHone Book but the only Alcala listed is Teofila Alcala (22287). I hope this is helpful. I was informed that most people have evacuated the lower lying regions, so I'm sure your family made the right decision and is presently safe. Best wishes,

Posted By: adrian

Re: Corozal? - 10/02/00 12:08 AM

Tahnk you for the information. Are you by chance Mr. Paul who used to teach at CCC. If so, I am Adrian, Debbie's son.
Posted By: Paul Ferguson

Re: Corozal? - 10/02/00 12:20 AM

I am Mr. Ferguson from Belize Who taught you music a few years ago. I'm now in the US but my prayers are presently with friends and relatives back home. Best wishes.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Corozal? - 10/02/00 02:29 AM

Hi Paul and Adrian. This is Maxie Nicholas.
Nothing serious is happening in Corozal Town right now. The eye of the hurricane was expected to hit us at 12 noon today but up to now we have been spared. There is some rain; not more than a usual rainy day and an occasional strongish wind but nothing that would make you feel that a hurricane is out.

I understand that we may fee hurrican force winds later on tonight. Debbie is probably with Brenda Ysaguirre on Santa Rita Hill. There is where she was for Hurricane Mitch.
Many people are in hurricane shelters expecting the worst but so far nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I hope that this helps.
Posted By: adrian

Re: Corozal? - 10/02/00 02:53 AM

Thank you Mr. Nicholas, my grandfather in Canada has made contact with my mother and she is indeed with Brenda. Best of luck.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Corozal? - 10/02/00 03:05 AM

just spoke to my sister in corozal , strongwinds.heavy steady rain
.......still waiting. may god take care of everyone there...
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