From David in the villages, Christmas Eve

Posted By: Marty

From David in the villages, Christmas Eve - 12/25/01 12:13 AM

To all supporters,
May the Prince of Peace reward you with His peace and prosper
your way for having shared in the needs of the peoples of Toledo. I
wish I could express just a little of the many words of appreciation
that have been given for the shelters to the volunteers as they
finished house after house. Suffice it to say that is has been a
blessing and it is a gift that will endure for a long time, both
phsically and in the recipients minds.
The Michigan-Wisconsin group of volunteers terminated the
cement foundations and posts last week on the 26 houses in Santa
Cruz. Another group from Pa. finished the truss work and steel on
Tuesday. Not counting the time they had to shelter from frequent
showers, they averaged nearly one house roof per hour. Phil Bear
and crew still hold the record for finishing three complete houses
with posts in three hours and 50 minutes.
This terminates our building with Red Cross funds. Originally the
contract was for 50 shelters. We were able to do 11 in Tambrin, 21
in Crique Jute and 26 in Santa Cruz for them.
Men from Barton Creek and Springfield have been volunteering
most of the labor for the projects in Medina Bank and Tambrin. The
past week they made foundations and posts for 18 houses in San
Miguel. With some existing posts there are 21 houses to roof in
San Miguel. 6 houses are complete with roofs already, all the
trusses are on site but due to a shortage of tin the men are taking a
break till after Christmas. Our total houses completed by this
weekend was 175.
The faithful Orange Walk truss crew was at work again this week.
Besides some of the San Miguel trusses they made 70 more. 28
of these have been delivered to Aguacate, The other 42 are at base
awaiting delivery and Phil Bear reports that there is still enough
lumber on hand for another 10 shelters.
We were pleasantly surprised to find that Michael had been
keeping funds in store for the main accounts that were accruing.
After paying these we had approximately $22,000 left which had
included a donation from Amish Mennonite Aid. With some coming
yet from Frank Redmond, we are wondering if maybe it is time to
stop soliciting funds and wind down this project with the funds and
materials we have on hand. From our investigations we had found
the need of 7 houses for Aguacate, 7 for Queso Creek, 20 for Santa
Elena and 20 for Silver Creek. However MACA is coming back to
do 40 houses in January and we could turn Silver Creek or other
villages over to them. We have no crews lined up for shelter
construction in January. Phil would like to leave at the end of
January and while there are still needs out there, Nancy and I feel
pretty well spent. I hate to say this when you have all been doing
so much in search of funds and supporting the project in many other
ways. We have appreciated this very much. I would have no
problem if you want to find another manager or work something out
with MACA to continue longer but we feel it is time for us to stop.
We await your opinons.

David and Nancy Stutzman

We agree that it is a good time to cease operations and will do so at this point.

Thanks for everyone for their help, your generosity in helping the
people of Belize is beyond comprehension, but speaks wonders for
man's willingness to help those less fortunate.


PS how about those Mennonite crews, and that record for the frames for three homes in less than 4 hours. Here Here, they are amazing!
Posted By: denverdan

Re: From David in the villages, Christmas Eve - 12/25/01 12:26 AM

What a job you took on... and what a GREAT job you did!!
I don't know you, your helpers, OR the hundreds + you have helped and been so kind to, but my heart and hat goes out to ALL! EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED with
this "project," with SPECIAL thanks to you!
You are very special people and very much appreciated by many!!!
Hope & Dan Walters
Posted By: Christopher

Re: From David in the villages, Christmas Eve - 12/26/01 07:41 AM

Marty....a job SUPERBLY DONE!
it's such a relief to know that some people do what they say...and help people for real.
Thanks so much.
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