Posted By: Crystal*

Worried - 10/02/00 02:15 AM

This is Crystal from Canada and I was looking for anyone in contact with any of the Leslie's and /or Arceo's if they could please let me know! My prayers go out to everyone on CC and SP!
Posted By: jillian

Re: Worried - 10/02/00 02:21 AM

Just talk to a Rhoda Leslie in Corozal Town. Please see the message above. Good luck and God Bless.
Posted By: Crystal*

Re: Worried - 10/02/00 02:50 AM

Thanx for writing but Rhoda is no relation to me!
Posted By: PEGGY SUE

Re: Worried - 10/02/00 02:56 AM

Hi Crystal.. I haven't heard back from Charles but i'm sure he will check back in on here!!! So Charles is you're uncle..I've became friends w/ him, Gerald, Billy, ect when we have been in SP diving... I'm sure they are hanging tight!!! They are wonderful people.
Posted By: Crystal*

Re: Worried - 10/02/00 03:01 AM

Thanx for writing me no one has benn replying to my messages and i've only found out this afternoon that there was a hurricane on the island and i haven't heard any thing from my Tia Patty Arceo who is on the isalnd also!
Posted By: susangg

Re: Worried - 10/02/00 03:03 AM

I heard your aunt Patty Arceo being interviewed on one of the Love FM broadcasts. There's a link to it on a couple of the pages here on this bulletin board. I think maybe it was the 1:30 or 1:45 broadcast, not sure but she was interviewed sometime today and you can listen to it if you have RealAudio (you can download it free from the RealAudio site if you don't have it now).
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