Love FM???

Posted By: Dan Armeneau

Love FM??? - 10/02/00 03:36 AM

Can't seem to get anything out of Love FM for about the last half hour. Anybody else having trouble? All I can get now is a cached page.
Posted By: Mateo

Re: Love FM??? - 10/02/00 03:40 AM

Same problem here, for a little while now.
Posted By: Cinca

Re: Love FM??? - 10/02/00 03:41 AM

I just got through. I guess everyone is trying this evening!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Love FM??? - 10/02/00 03:42 AM

me too, probably got blown by the bandwidth usage. my bandwidth wheel is spinnin like a top. thank god i use killer servers.

boy am i gonna pay later when the bill comes in..

wow, LOVEFM just popped up again....
Posted By: MSN Hurricane Central

Re: Love FM??? - 10/02/00 04:03 AM

LoveFM back down 8:04pm PDT. You'd think with people going to sleep, it would lighten the load a bit. Perhaps it is power related?

Paul Britton Jr.
MSN Hurricane Central Manager
Posted By: sons

Re: Love FM??? - 10/02/00 04:21 AM

My brother has informed me that Barracks road is flooding. That is where Love FM is broadcasting from. I guess they may have problems getting into the station as well as the fact that all electricity is out. Power lines are down all over the city & it is definately not safe to venture through the water right now!!
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