Canario, check my boat?

Posted By: Marty

Canario, check my boat? - 10/02/00 04:01 AM

i have know way to know about canario,,, i am inside out,, now scrapping up
money to get ready to go there,, but first to know if Canario is damaged,,
and the other house boat,, my house,,
location is the white 2 story house right at the end of the airstrip, south
anyone you know could zip there as soon as possible

no phone at that house,, and they are gone,,
kathleen whitehurst
Posted By: Marty

Re: Canario, check my boat? - 10/03/00 02:55 PM

Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Canario, check my boat? - 10/03/00 05:16 PM

Hi Kathleen: Your friend Bill Thornton, here. I'm trying to get hold of Garcia. He may be in Cayo. He told me after sittin through Mitch, that is what he would do. He said it, don't know if I believed it. He's a tough guy. E-Mail me at PS. You in Louisiana? I called Collin last night, hasn't got back yet. Take care. Bill
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