Michael & Carolyn Applebaum

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Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 05:14 AM

Looking for my son Michael Applebaum and daughter in law Carolyn, six months pregnant in San Pedro. He was a cameraman for Fox shooting Temptations in Belize.

Bobby Applebaum
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 05:20 AM

I'm not an expert (because I'm in the states not Belize), but I remember reading something earlier about the crew for Fox. They mentioned that the crew was doing fine as well a one pregnant woman. That was earlier around 3 their time. Hope that is a little bit helpful. I just had my first child so I know how worried you must be!!
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 06:08 AM

I heard from the Fox crew at about 11:00 sunday morning. I wish I had more recent news. My boyfriend who is also a crew member was able to call me,one last time before all power and electricity went out. Well he actually called through a generator. Iam not sure if your family was at the same resort or not. But he my hunch is thatmost of them have stuck together. He told me that the roof had come off of the resort,and that they were doing their best to keep all the water out. Little luck, he said they were all drenched. But he sounded really positive about their safety. He said they were all working together , and gaterhing can goods. I hope this gives you some piece of mind, and I can understand if it doesnt. I will be praying for your family and others as well. If anyone has anymore updates on the Fox people,please let us know.

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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 06:17 AM

Please read the post entitled Sundiver Resort...your son and daughterinlaw are mentioned there as part of the crew that is grouped there...and were safe at the time of report. Good luck!
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 06:21 AM

Thanks for the info Salinaj. I did find an earlier post that most of the Fox crew did not make if off the island. I think Michael and Carolyn may be at Sundivers.
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 06:27 AM

im Yamit's brother. she is also part of the film crew and was mentioned in the earlier report. if you cannot find it i can e-mail it to you. im sure they are sticking together. they tried to keep a lighthearted attitude towards it and hopefully they are still in that state of mind. They will hang on. It will be over soon, and i hear that there are no injured. We can just hope they are ok. They'll take care of themselves for now.
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 06:33 AM

Thanks Tom. I did find the post you mentioned. It looked like your sister and my family were staying at Caye Villas. Does that sound right?
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 07:25 AM

hey noapple,

I found the message about your family,and you were right they are staying at the caya villa, they are with my boyfriend who is Sean Mckelvey. Do you know where caye villa is in refrence to the sundiver? Once again I will be praying, and don't know if I will be getting any sleep tonight.
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 03:57 PM

Heard indirectly by phone from Michael and Carolyn Applebaum and they are fine. He was a cameraman with Fox. They are in a cement building with a leaky roof. It will probably be several days before they can leave. One telephone and a long line. Should be encouraging news for all.
Bobby Applebaum
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/02/00 04:23 PM

Carolyn called me. They are okay. Leaky
roof, walls stable and good spirits. Thank
God! They called around 9:30 am, Monday, Oct. 2!
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Re: Michael & Carolyn Applebaum - 10/05/00 05:02 AM

I am happy to report that my daughter-in-law just arrived in New Orleans safe and sound from Ambergris Cay. My son Michael is in Belize City and should be out tomorrow. He does have film of the hurricane which he would probable make available to news networks. Thanks to all and especially Marty for help during a difficult time.

Bobby Applebaum
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