Any News From Corozal

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Any News From Corozal - 10/02/00 07:59 PM

any news from Corozal Town? Have fmly living by the coast and have not heard anything? Could not get thru the telephone

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Re: Any News From Corozal - 10/02/00 08:30 PM

Keith is weakening, and has never yet gotten close enough to Corozal Town to produce very much wind. There has been rain, and some flooding in places that usually flood. Your family is almost certainly safe now, and Keith will probably be a tropical storm before it reaches here.
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Re: Any News From Corozal - 10/02/00 09:18 PM

Hi again, Another Hurricane Keith update. I wish someone would call CNN and the Weather Channel and tell them to quit scaring the people. According to them Corozal Town in northern Belize is being destroyed.
Well that is far from the truth. We have NO mudslides, NO flooding, NO hurricane force winds, NO houses being ripped apart by the winds. Many grocery stores were open every day. We got a little rain but nothing out of the ordinary. We have actually had worse storms when there was no hurricane around. I went into town a few minutes ago and the restaurants are OPEN for business. Our Inn, the Corozal Bay Inn also never closed for business. We are located 60 feet from the waterfront and never had to board up any windows and we slept with the windows open. Only the banks and government buildings boarded up.
The only persons that went to the hurricane shelter were the ones who lived in old wooden shacks. There are a few pools of water in the lower parts of the yard and we get that every time it rains. In town the only persons that have water in the yard are the ones who live in swampy areas.
The bay is calm and the tide is very low. We NEVER had any storm surge. Right now the weather is quite nice but overcast.
We appreciate the satellite photos from the Weather Channel & CNN but do not appreciate when they report what they do not know for a fact.
It is much more interesting reading when someone makes it sound like the end of Belize but it is not true for Corozal Town.
About San Pedro and Belize City we do not live there so we can not report on the happenings there. Thanks for reading.
Doug & Maria Podzun
P.S. Your family should be more than okay.
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