Marty--Cell Phones????

Posted By: PamG

Marty--Cell Phones???? - 10/03/00 12:18 AM

Hey Marty,
Just took a nap and am trying to catch up on the latest. Did the info from Journey's End come via Cell phone? Does this mean we may be getting close to contact?
And, a personal thank you for your work. I was one of those who tried to find people&/or word about them on the island during Mitch and get the word out to the US and now am finding myself on the reverse end and not liking it much...But both times, you have been working extra hard to organize requests and searches.
Thanks don't seem enough....
Posted By: Marty

Re: Marty--Cell Phones???? - 10/03/00 12:21 AM

apparently, at this time the phone at sundiver is the only one working. In town folks are gathered around the ham radio downtown. Sundiver is trying to establish radio contact with town.
Posted By: Robin Slattery

Re: Marty--Cell Phones???? - 10/03/00 01:43 AM

Pam, We still haven't heard from the Tres Cocos area, Chris & Rebecca, Daniel, Jim & Ana Hanna,Juan & Baby, etc. Unless I missed a posting? Cell phones still don't work. I really am happy with the good news coming, but immensely worried about them. I've been on this computer for 2 days. The nerves are started to go.
Posted By: PamG

Re: Marty--Cell Phones???? - 10/03/00 01:46 AM

All I can say is hang in there girl. I am trying to do the same and keep the faith. You KNOW that Keith wouldn't mess with our ANA!!!!!!
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