Caye Caulker

Posted By: marjo

Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 12:59 AM

Has anyone any news of Caye Caulker, I am interested in any info regarding Heather and Barb of Hummingbird tours and that of Neno Rosado
Posted By: Christopher

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 01:02 AM

Someone has to know what the heck is going on over on Caye Caulker!
It's been light for 12 hours and now the sun is going to go down and we have heard NOTHING from there...
No recon cell phone ham info that sheds any real light on the situation there...
the only thing which has come across is that no one is dead...that is fantastic, but now that we know that, where is everyone???????
no Belize radio reports on the net...come on people!
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 01:02 AM

try this link..i did a search and typed in hummingbird...lots to read..hopefully you'll find the info you need
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 01:04 AM


if you go to the top right hand and click on search..from there..type in Caulker Caye or whatever you need info'll get all the discussions in regards to it...
Posted By: Christopher

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 01:08 AM

Sorry Kathy, but I have been on this thread for the last 24 hours and nothing meaningful regarding property has really come through here...except for the "fact" that no one died there is NO real information except for the frantic cell phone call from Reyes YESTERDAY!
It is so damn ironic that the recent Conde'
Naste Traveler magazine just had Caye Caulker on the COVER!!!!!!!
What a disaster for the caye.
So now that it's getting dark again...and the winds are still cookin, are there not any rescue or supplies coming from the mainland.
Flooding in the city is one thing, being marooned and decimated on the strip of sand known as Caye Caulker is another thing.

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Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 01:10 AM

that's too and i think alot of us are very tired...i can't even fatham how the victims feel...
Posted By: marjo

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 01:17 AM

I cannot beleive in this day and age, there is not even a cell phone or ham operator, what about marine radio operator. I hope that there is no one dead or injured. Who determined this info as one cannot seem to get any other about Caye Caulker.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Caye Caulker - 10/08/00 09:05 PM

Marjo, I am also looking For Barb of Hummingbird Tours. I am her sister Nancy from Canada. We last heard from her on Friday afternoon and have heard nothing since. As far as we know Chantel is in Belize City but we have not heard anything from her either and we are beginning to worry. If you hear anything please e-mail me at [email protected]
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