are you ready?

Posted By: Diane Campbell

are you ready? - 07/29/17 11:23 AM

Reading predictions for an active storm period starting in early august ....... here's my hurricane readiness list, what does yours look like?

service generator - done
extra fuel for generator - done
canned and dry goods - purchased and stored
extra meds - yep
extra dog and cat food - yes (also backup cat litter)
duct tape - get some!
tools - hammer, crowbar, chainsaw - have
emergency battery radio and extra batteries - have
waterproof flashlight - need to replace
walkie-talkie - purchased and charged
plywood - doing inventory today
sponges and old towels - got 'um
coconuts knocked down from trees? - coconut man coming this weekend
animal carriers in an accessible place - yes
plastic garbage cans cleaned and tested for leaks (intended use for water storage) - doing today
candles - have lots
lighter or water proof matches - have
propane tanks filled? - yes
rope - have 50', get 100' more

are you ready?? this could be an interesting year

Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: are you ready? - 08/01/17 05:06 AM

Diane - thanks for the reminder.
At the beginning of the rainy season I stock up on my hurricane supplies then when the season is over I start using everything so that it never gets stale or outdated. I'm so happy I have solar - even on the cistern pump.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: are you ready? - 08/01/17 11:04 AM

Forgot to mention FIRST AID KIT.
Gauze, tape, antibiotic cream, alcohol, elastic wrap. Just as a fyi ...... I've found that you can cast a broken finger pretty well with two large paper clips and a couple of bandaids.

Oh - and Mosquito coils.

I checked at Castillos yesterday and they still have several small battery radios. The are "first alert" weather radios - small but powerful AM/FM. Ask at front counter for help finding them - they are way up high on a rack across from garden tools (next to outdoor thermometers) and are not so easy to spot. This or something like it is a must-have in a storm.
Posted By: Marty

Re: are you ready? - 08/08/17 12:04 PM

BEL Storm/Hurricane Safety Tips

Turn off the main breaker if the water level rises above or near the outlets and ensure that the entire premise is disconnected from any electrical source.

Do not walk into any area or water that is perceived to be connected to any electrical source.

If the power goes off do not attempt to reinstate the power supply. Turn off all power at your switch box and unplug all electrical appliances.

If you are leaving your premises and suspect that there will be flooding, turn off Main Switch before you leave.

In the event of a storm or hurricane, remember to obtain batteries for your radio so that you can listen to updated advisories.


Here is a bit to help you BE PREPARED.

Also secure you home.
Fill up your vehicle with petrol before lines get long at the gas station.
Buy your food and water ahead of time.
If you will move for shelter to a relative or friend contact them ahead of time to let them know you're coming.
Release all pets and livestock - They will be able to fend for themselves.
Turn off your electrical switch box in your home before to leave.
Fill up and the close off your Butane Tank
Fill up all water containers
If you will go to a PUBLIC SHELTER - Only take what you are to take. Follow the rules once you're there.

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