2 casualities so far in Belize?

Posted By: Javier Ramirez

2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 04:35 AM

The weather channel keeps informing that there have been two confirmed deaths in Belieze due to Keith. Is this right? Anybody has any information on that?
Posted By: susangg

Re: 2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 04:43 AM

The Weather Channel just reported that no one has heard from "the cays" in two days and that hundreds of people could be drowned and the islands completely underwater.
Expect a bunch of panicked posters in the next few minutes!
Marty: They need to hire you as their investigative weather reporter.
Posted By: Marty

Re: 2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 04:55 AM

two confirmed deaths due to keith, NOT in Belize
Posted By: susangg

Re: 2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 05:00 AM

I just posted this to the weather channel bulletin board. Hopefully it will save a heart attack or two from frightened families of residents or tourists on the cayes....

The Weather Channel TV program is giving out wrong (and scary) info on the impact of Hurricane Keith on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. They are saying that nobody has been heard from in 2 days and that both islands may be "completely under water" with "hundreds of people lost."
WRONG! The cayes have ham radio and a few cell phones operating and the reports are that no lives are lost and no serious injuries, a few minor injuries reported from flying objects. There is major flooding of homes on Caye Caulker and to a lesser degree on Ambergris Caye, but most buildings have not been destroyed, though many have lost roofs.
For the most up to date info, visit // and click on the "bulletin board" link at the bottom of the page and from there, go to the "hurricane" bulletin board link. This board has been posting info since the hurricane began and has far better info than TWC, CNN or any TV or newspaper source.
Posted By: jacquesv

Re: 2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 06:05 AM

Two deaths have been reported due to Hurricane Keith . . . BUT NEITHER ONE IS IN BELIZE!!! One was in Nicaragua, and the other was in Mexico.

I've been reading reports for about 10 hours today, and have gotten over 40 calls . . . and NOT ONE has said anything about any casualties in the country of Belize.

They were lucky. We were all extremely blessed during this disaster!

Let's continue to offer prayers so the good fortune continues!
Posted By: jpmaillard

Re: 2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 06:15 AM

Thanks Marty, if you hear anything from rangers at Bacalar Chico, I'd love to get in touch with them.Keep up the good work, thank you for your efforts!
Posted By: Javier Ramirez

Re: 2 casualities so far in Belize? - 10/03/00 06:15 AM

Thank you all for responding. It is a relief to know that we have been so fortunate. I hope that our neighbouring countries don't have to endure any more losses.
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