Medal for Marty

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Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:54 AM

Before the list starts to dissipate, I would like to suggest that those of us who have been so benefitted by this gentleman's expertise and generosity take the initiative to make sure that he receives recognition for what he has done over the past few days.
I have never met Marty, but hope that some day I atleast get to thank him personally. I do not know how to go about setting up this initiative but perhaps we can get some direction from the San Pedro Sun or one of the papers once they get back on their feet.

It would be nice to see the Premier's Office acknowledge the effort that he has put forth on behalf Belize.

Thanks Marty!
Brian Keating
Posted By: Marty

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:59 AM

ow shucks, maybe I can borrow one of Marion's bronze medals for 30 seconds....
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 02:18 PM

Think this one needs to go back to the top of the list!

Thanks again Marty,
Brian K.
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Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 02:28 PM


As others have said, you are a hero. Your great professionism along with your level head, sense of humor and eternal optimism have helped the thousands who have turned to this board for help, sympathy, information and attention during Keith's reign. You shall be remembered fondly by all...always.

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Posted By: Robin Slattery

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 02:29 PM

I have to agree!! I've said it before, but I'll say it again!! THANK YOU MARTY.!! Such concern and care isn't found everyday in strangers! I owe you BIG time.
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Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 02:30 PM

Marty deserves recognition for his strong guidance through Keith. Don't know who you are but you've been wonderful. Many thanks.

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:30 PM

Yeah, the Order of Belize for Marty!!!!
Posted By: iluvbelize

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:35 PM

Yes Marty, I have truly benefitted from your generosity of spirit, hard work, and your common sense and humor. You've made all our waiting and the horrors of not knowing all the more bearable. I too hope to meet you in the beautiful town of San Pedro where we will all soon join our family and friends. Thank you, Beth Brannon
Posted By: Belize Mama

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:40 PM

Yes, we all agree Marty has gone the extra mile. How many do we know who would have done this? We will come up with an award somehow. This is a resourceful group.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:40 PM

Dat Marty is jus sittin back, smokin dem Cuban Cigars collecting time and half. What a way to go. GO MARTY!
Posted By: SUrscheler

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:44 PM


You have been a life saver throughout this entire ordeal! Many, many thanks for keeping us sane and positive during a difficult time. Keep yourself in good health and get some rest. Should we send him to AC?
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Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:44 PM

thank you also Marty. Our sister-in-law is Charlene Lee and as Robert was back in Canada, we were concerned for her safety. We have been monitoring this site for many hours and we are just in awe with the messages and support.
Posted By: Trinity

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:46 PM

Yeah Marty!
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:48 PM

My thanks to you as well Marty. You are so cool!
Posted By: Jim Wade's Little Sister

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:48 PM

I love you too Marty. Thanks again for your tireless efforts and ditto to what everyone else has said.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:51 PM

Thanks Marty, your are the greatest. Chloe/Lois
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 04:57 PM

To The Lee's in Winnipeg . . .

I spoke with my sister who teaches at King's College. They are currently at Kent & Marion Fuller's in Belmopan. They spoke with Charlene sometime on Sunday before phone communication was cut off to the island. All was well.

I hope this helps!
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 05:11 PM

To heck with the bronze medal. This deserves the "GOLD". Way to go! You be da man Marty!!
And on the serious side, God bless you Marty, you did a wonderful thing for many people. So now sit back and bask in its' light!!
Posted By: Lance Chancellor

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 05:18 PM

Marty - As they say "You are the MAN"!!! Words cannot truly express what you have meant to the literally hundreds of people visiting this site looking for information on friends and loved ones. You have given hope, encouragement and most importantly vital information to people in need.

Many thanks for your diligent efforts and for keeping the faith! We all owe you one,
actually several!

May God bless you Marty!

Posted By: winchtx

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 05:20 PM

Here Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been a lighthouse beacon in a terrible storm! Thank you Marty!
--Jennifer & Alonzo Badillo
Posted By: karin

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/03/00 05:24 PM

GOLD MEDAL ! I am amazed by all the great work you have done on this board, and all the help provided ! For all my belizean friends, thank you ! Karin
Posted By: janice

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/04/00 12:58 AM

.....feel like I know you :-) hope to someday........ GREAT to have someone like you keeping us all together. Can't imagine how thanks could ever be enough....... but BIG THANKS and that GOLD MEDAL .. absolutely !!! :-)
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/04/00 03:42 AM

Way above and beyond the call... We all love Belize but you give it your all and it's inspiring. Thank you!
Posted By: Belize Mama

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/04/00 03:48 AM

We are all going to have to chip in and get a placque (sp) for Marty. Remind him how much he is appreciated.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/04/00 03:59 AM

Guess I should also add my thanks to you. I plan on being on the Caye in 19 days. If you will be there at that time, I would like to buy you a couple of drinks and thank you personally. Thanks for all your effort.-Jim
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/04/00 04:36 AM

we should all have a big party in marty's honor at marty's place in eugene
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 03:13 AM

Marty - you sleep any yet???
Posted By: jacquesv

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 04:28 AM

Dear Marty,

In addition to everything else you've done during this stressful time, I am in awe of your ability to conduct serious business while still managing to maintain a sense of priorities, optimism, and a positive perspective. Getting to know you, (albeit by only words and from a distance), has been an eye-opening, rewarding, and a downright healthy experience. I thank you for that!

Take good care, my friend! Sincerely, Jacques
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Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 05:26 AM


Many thanks for your help and compassion during several days of stress. My daughter-in-law Carolyn Applebaum just called me from the airport in New Orleans safe and sound. Michael, my son, should arrive tomorrow. I think I saw somewhere that you are also a chef. When you get to New Orleans I owe you a meal.

Bobby Applebaum

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 05:46 AM

marty- Thank you. I too do not know you personally but I feel that over the last few days I have gotten to know your spirit and dilligence for the people of belize, thier relitives and friends. thank you and I do feel that you deserve the Order of Belize too.
Patrick Hicklin
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 05:48 AM

sleep...Marty needs sleep..and a good massage...and a nice glass of wine...and then

yes? and then? mmmmm

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Posted By: Amilyada

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 06:12 AM

Marty, I have to add my thanks. My dad was a local San Pedrano and half my family still lives on the island. I would never have survived this ordeal without your site. thank you.
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 06:15 AM

*hands on hips..tongue in cheek..toe tappage*..

and then...a cigar!!! *EG*
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 06:25 AM

How could anyone not agree. I feel such gratitude towards a complete stranger.

Cheers, Marty
Posted By: Joan Hill

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 09:40 AM

Here in UK it is as though Keith never happened. If it hadn't been for you, Marty, and your selfless work on behalf of others, we would have been unable to get info and messages about our loved ones. Thanks and God Bless you from two mothers who now know their kids are OK. Good Luck everybody.
Posted By: John in Vancouver, Canada

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 09:52 AM

Aren't the news services a wonder? Here in
Vancouver they hardly mentioned anything about the whole thing even though I emailed the two main TV channels early last Monday and told them which sites to monitor for the latest news (particularly this one) AND I believe that there are quite a few people from Vancouver who spend at least part of their year in Belize (I used to know two separate families who did so, years ago).
Posted By: Marty

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 09:52 AM

I LOVE to make Moms happy
Posted By: Zoot

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 11:12 AM

Yes, Thank you Marty.

I do have only one question?

Who are you ? Everyone wants to know !

Do you visit Belize on your vacation? or
Do you own there?

Commmmmonnnn... Who are You??????
I am a lover of the island! Like all of us! My family lives in Oregon, and we all work together to produce the website. Have been since 96. Started with Caribbean Villas, Rasta Pasta, Iguana Jack, Blue Hole Dive, Coral Beach, and just kept a goin! We do the websites for like 120 or so local island businesses, community groups, schools, etc.

We come down every chance we get, the kids bring friends, and I cry when my feet touch the ground. The flight back to Belize City to go home is by far the worst part!

there. want more?

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Posted By: Grace

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 02:49 PM

Thanks Marty!
Posted By: GumboRon

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 03:33 PM

Marty...we (The GumboLimbo Band) have always admired the "most excellent" work you do in promoting Ambergris Caye and Belize...the people and their culture. We are now even more impressed with your admirable and selfless contributions during this time of crisis. Your really are deserving of a "standing ovation"!
Posted By: misslady

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 05:25 PM

Marty, You have help us all cope with the wrath of keith. you kept us inform and continue to do so after the hurricane. I have a close friend at Amandala and I will be sure to tell him adout you. That way everyone will know what you have done for us.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 05:44 PM

The mystery of Marty is in cyberspace, cloaked in heavy Cuban Cigar Smoke.
love you bill...

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Posted By: cheryl

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 06:14 PM

Marty; What can I say that hasn't already been said. You're a Peach. Luv to Annabel and Clare.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/05/00 06:22 PM

Yes, kudos are in order for Marty. However, I suggest that the Americans who have migrated to Ambergris Caye and who have made quite alot of money off of the island now tighten the belt and give some back in the form of supplies and rebuliding costs. I remember going to the island and having my family's name spat upon because they were robber barrons who stepped on the back of the "poor" people of San Pedro. Yet in crises such as hurricanes more powerful then Keith they never got recognition.
Posted By: judy45

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/06/00 08:46 AM

Marty, just want to add my THNAKS to the list and commend you and your family for dedicating so much of your time and life to this effort. We feel rather alone here in San Diego with our concerns for the people of Caye Caulker & San Pedro. Only through this message board have we been connected to so many "kindred spirits" and have so appreciated the comfort and information that we have been able to receive due to your undying dedication and hard work!

Keeping up-to-date on the situation at hand, getting to know people, sharing our hearts and love for friends and family and people we don't even know, and all the other good stuff this has accomplished is just incredible. It's probably one of the most valuable and unique experiences I'm proud to have been a small part of. You've been wonderful. Thank you and God Bless from California.
Posted By: Cinca

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/08/00 07:59 AM

Posted By: Jim & Lyndon

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/08/00 12:36 PM

In any crisis, many unsung heroes emerge! Marty.....your selfless, altruistic diligence is a boon to ALL mankind! From around the world, we have looked to YOU for some sense of understanding of the magnitude of this disaster and of the efforts MOST needed at every juncture. You have assuaged our intense sense of have been our lifeline,our energizer and our promise of hope! Thanks for the incredible sense of security and empowerment you have given us ALL! I find myself thinking how lucky your children are to have you as their Dad!! God bless, Lyndon Effinger Greeley, Colorado

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Re: Medal for Marty - 10/12/00 12:51 AM

Lets get this one back on top!
Posted By: Desi

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/12/00 01:02 AM

I agree. I was in Japan while this Hurricane was over Belize. My family lives on Caye Caulker and this is how I got my info.Thank You Marty.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/12/00 01:13 AM

Instead of chipping in on a plaque for Marty I suspect he would rather you send that contribution to the relief fund. I've never met Marty but I beleive he does this out of love of the island and its' people rather than all the accolades. He knows what his effort has been worth to so many of us. Thanks Marty for the kindness you have shown us all. I'll try to pass it on.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/12/00 02:09 AM

My Info was Arrow's family (William's)
lost 2 houses out back, along with some of thier immediate neighbors. More detasils hase been coming in daily thanks to you & all ohers involved w/ mssg board . thanx again. Edhubbard
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/12/00 01:37 PM

Dear Marty: you don't know me, I will be a first-time visitor to San Pedro from London, England, at the beginning of December, and I feel like I already know some of the the great people there through your website. From what I've been seeing on this website over the last couple of weeks, you have been doing a truly fantastic job! I think the very best tribute would be to name a bar after you in SP - MARTY'S BAR. Sounds good, don't you think? I know I'd like to be remembered that way some day! Hey, I hope it doesn't offend anyone in any way - I've never replied to one of these things before!
I knew the island was special beforehand, that's why I wanted to visit for a very long time now, but now I know that the people are MORE special than ever I imagined them to be! Keep on with the great work - I think you are reaching a lot of new people with this site!
Take care, love from Maz
Posted By: andrea

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/13/00 05:56 AM

Marty, just out of curiousity, how is your family holding up? You have been here as a constant support to us all. Nary a complaint about the time spent away from them. Words really can't describe the help and guidance you have given everyone here. I'm sure if your family is anything like you, then we will many "Marty's" down the road to come. I hope they realize what a great person you are!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Medal for Marty - 10/13/00 08:34 AM

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