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Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 02:06 PM

Do tell!!! Any NEW news about the damages in Caye Caulker yet? Are they under water or has it gone down yet? Is it still raining there? Is everyone Ok? Can planes land at the airstrip? Do they have food and water? Any info would be good to hear. Marty you once again have done an outstanding job keeping the messages alive and well. It is a good feeling to see so many people concerned about everyone. It lifts the spirit.
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Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 03:25 PM

There is a LOVEFM broadcast from 1:45am from Mr. Reyes on Caye Caulker, with much new news. I heard news of my friends the Youngs, who own Tom's Hotel, which is used as hurricane shelter for many on the island, because it's made of concrete. Lots of damage, sounds like, but people are uninjured and upbeat.
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Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 03:32 PM

Ijust spoke to my sister in Belize City.. she said the sun shining
.. over 12 inches of rain..and the rain has stopped for a
while.. along the river it was a bit higher.. no electricity in most parts..
and no injuries so far.. I asked her about caye caulker and she said about 10
houses went down.. everyone is injuries.. school roof was blown off.
food and water a a big problem for everyone.. but she said that the BDF and
one of the large water taxi's went out there already yesterday with food and
water for people..
Her husband Denys Bradley will be going out there today in one of his boats
to seehow the island is and will get reports back to me today when I get back
home from work.. about 6. will update you then with whatever I find out.. she
cannot email as they have no electricity.

Also if someone can get message to the people on the caye about chargin up
their cell phones that would help also.. they can use their vehicles to
charge it up. I guess.. maybe you know more or someone else.... they have no
electricity and are at a loss with no way to recharge their cell phone..
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Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 03:41 PM

On Love FM, there is an audio clip with Ramoncito Reyes of CC on his cell
phone. It is very long. Anyone interested in the whereabouts of family
members should download it and listen to it as many names are mentioned.
In the clip it says that Trends Hotel is damanges, Seaside Villas is
damaged, Valentin Marin's house is damaged, house next to Daisy's Hotel
came down, Johnny's room suffered lost roofing, beach reclamation from
Rainbow Hotel on is gone, dredge used for the reclamation sunk..... no

The Love FM announcer also said that boats with food and water water
would be heading out to CC at 11:00 a.m. today.

i'll try to get that lovefm link here, they go on and off the air, and they are off right now...

i'll add it soon...
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Re: Caye Caulker - 10/03/00 04:31 PM

I am also concerned any new info would be great. Please keep us posted.
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Re: Caye Caulker - 10/04/00 01:25 AM

Hi Marty....Any new info on Caye Caulker? I am worried about my guy,JIM CRAWFORD. If you can get word to him,please tell him that I love him very much and he is in my prayers and thoughts. Gods Blessings to all there!
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