Lori Purdy

Posted By: Reed Purdy

Lori Purdy - 10/03/00 08:47 PM

I am trying to get word on my wife Lori Purdy. Has anyone talked to the folks at Tres Cocos. She was most likely riding this out with Bento "Bob C'Debaca" or Doug and Aly.
Has anyone been up to Tres Cocos yet or tried to cross the cut?.

I am in Europe and the news has been awful.

I love you Lori and hope you are OK.

Reed Purdy
Posted By: Robin Slattery

Re: Lori Purdy - 10/03/00 09:04 PM

I just received a call from my brother, Jim Hanna. He has a house on the lagoon side behind the Palapa Bar. He indicated that the Palapa House was still standing, but the bar was gone. I thought I read that your wife was staying there? I hope this helps.
Robin SLattery
He used a boat to get into town to stand on top of a roof to use his cell phone. He is going to try to call tomorrow at 6PM EST (4BZ time)
Posted By: Reed Purdy

Re: Lori Purdy - 10/03/00 09:21 PM

Thanks for the update. Our house is on lagoon side also it is the Palapa Roof house being remodeled. Thatís why Lori is down staying at Palapa Bar. I would suspect that the house is gone. But as long as Lori and the rest of our friends there are alright it makes little difference.

Thanks again for the update.

[email protected]

Reed B. Purdy
Posted By: Reed Purdy

Re: Lori Purdy - 10/04/00 04:58 AM

Just to let everyone know, Lori Purdy called her sister from a cell phone from a roof top and she is fine. Our house and boat are gone.

Thanks to everyone that has helped get word about my wife to me.

Reed Purdy
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Lori Purdy - 10/04/00 05:15 AM

So happy that your wife is fine!! I'm sure you're REALLY relieved. Was any word mentioned about the welfare of the Campbells or other Tres Cocos folks?

So very Sorry about your home and boat. Hope to meet you both in happier times.
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