We have a sunrise

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We have a sunrise - 10/03/00 02:00 PM

Just got the morning call from Kathryn. Everbody at Sundiver and Caye villas is still fine. They got a sunrise this morning and the only current problem is that the phone line is so bad we only get every other word.
They will probably try to put our boats back in the watet later today. Sounds like the Hurricane party is almost over.

Also really nice to see that Hurricane Joyce has died without a coming out party.

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Re: We have a sunrise - 10/03/00 02:07 PM

hey jay, you probably tried this, but have em spin their bodies a little while talking, and you might get them into a body position where the call comes thru better. have em walk around a bit, til you find a spot where yu can hear. i know whatcha mean about trying to hear every other word...
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Re: We have a sunrise - 10/03/00 02:22 PM

I have my guys in Russia try to jump in the air for the missing words so that the extra elevation gives them a better transmission.
Seriously, they are a fixed base cellular with a 40 ft antenna which may be why they have been getting out better than most. Does not matter just happy to hear from them.

you brought me a good smile with that one...

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Re: We have a sunrise - 10/03/00 03:33 PM

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