Evacuation to Belize City

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Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 07:25 PM

St. Matthew's University students are currently being evacuated from Ambergris Caye to Belize City. As soon as the International Airport reopens, students will be evacuated from Belize.
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 07:46 PM

This is very good news. Do you have a list of students. We would love to see the list of the names.
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 07:51 PM

St. Matthews, please post a list of the students on this message board. Also will they be sent HOME, or on to Orlando. Please give parents and friends any information about this as it transpires. Hope everyone is safe.
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 07:59 PM

Is Matthis M. Guttierrez among the students being evacuated? Please post the flight #s, departure and arrival times and destinations. These students should be welcomed back appropriately by their loved ones in the US.

Will they be in an area with telephones in Belize? If yes, please supply phone numbers to access them, as well.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 08:03 PM

the number for the Princess Hotel is
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 08:12 PM

hi everyone,

you know it all seems like good news from st matthews but if you go to their website--there is some conflicting news. the belize international airport is CLOSED so i dont know how exactly the planes from Ambergris Caye are going to land. maybe they'll just parachute the students down. listen, i dont want to bring everyone's hopes down, but thats the reality. not until the airport is open will any flights be able to land or take off. so i dont completely understand what they mean by saying that the students are currently being evacuated. is that like right now--or are they still planning it all out. i also called the school and the lady I spoke to was not sure when the evacuations would occur--just that they would occur. and they say that they have a list of the students--well why won't they post it---either on their site or here. wouldnt that help out. so, folks dont like hold your breath for a list. not until we receive a call from our loved ones can we be sure that they are ok. im sorry for being so down. i really hope that the school is trying its best to help the students out.
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 08:17 PM

Just an FYI that may clear up some confusion: There are 2 airports in Belize City, International and Municipal. Sounds like Municipal is open.
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Re: Evacuation to Belize City - 10/03/00 08:19 PM

Great News....

I just called the princess hotel and talked to Dr. Tierslon (spelling?). I think he is one of the professors at the St Matthews. He says that the students have left the island and are in the airport in Belize City. He is trying to get additional rooms (has 4 wants 10). Says that the students will have some tight quaters. He said that the students should be in the hotel by 6PM cdt. He says that they should be leaving Belize tomorrow (expected the international airport will be open). He has suggestted to the students that they go home for a couple of days before resuming school in the US.

Great News...
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