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Posted By: Marty

News & Views - 10/03/00 07:50 PM

Tuesday 2 p.m. Oct 3, 2000
Those people trying to get down to Caye Caulker this week, should carry
rolls of plastic from Home Depot and those folding plastic tarpaulins.
That is what Sharon said, and she lost her house roof to Hurricane
Andrew, so she should know.
There is the added point, that the airlines are severely limiting carry
on baggage, so you probably should check that out first.

Early reports are that all roofs on Caye Caulker were damaged, or
gone. There is going to be a big need for zinc corrugated roofing,
roofing nails and 2 X 4's. Certainly Peter and his cargo boat have their
work cut out for them for the next three months.

A quick rough estimate from a flyover is that 60 house roofs are gone,
or damaged. There are between 150 and 200 buildings.

Still not been able to find a HAM Radio operator in Dade County for
emergency Hurricane Net work with Caye Caulker. There is a Dade Radio
Club but all I get are answering machines. It's the age of voice mail
and answering machines and very frustrating. Even the Dade County
Emergency Administration are on voice mail, they will get back to you.
It's five hours now, what kind of emergency service is that?

Sharon Auxillou/Urscheler will be going down as soon as she can go.
Likewise Wendy/Auxillou de la Fuente. Even I might go down. Adam
Chandler from Basil Jones development is going down Thursday if he can
get a flight. He has volunteered to carry some stuff. ( Carry plastic
tarps for Tina and Diane on Caye Caulker)

The airstrip is cleaned. Tropic Air is flying. International Airport
still flooded they said and closed.

Peter says the 100 yard wide Rio Hondo, is flooded over it's banks and
now five miles wide. Villages along the shores are going to be flooded
out. Floods coming down from the Peten also.

There was some talk of getting communications by telephone working on
Caye Caulker by tonight. Not sure how that will be done, but hope so?
It will certainly speed things up a lot and make the process of
rehabilitation more efficient.

Fuel is seriously contaminated both in the port of Belize City and on
the island of Caye Caulker. It may be well true on San Pedro also, as I
believe the fuel tanks are on the west side there as well. They need
chamoix leather to strain the water out of the fuel. Auto parts stores
in Belize City should have them.
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Re: News & Views - 10/03/00 08:12 PM

Marty, thanks for all the info and updates. Glad there are no casualties in San Pedro, but would love to hear something about the people at Caribe Island Resort. Eddie Halliday Jr., Mr. B. and the resort itself. We have a condo there. We know that our boat "Lone Kicks" was taken to the back of the island, but hear that that was the hardest hit. Please help!
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