Posted By: Windsor3

tikal - 04/16/03 10:53 PM

We are planning to do a one day trip to Tikal. I don't want to be "held hostage", as "Cyabye" posted about his/her trip to Altun Ha and a spa.
How can I know what our 7am-4pm day there entails? I know a large portion of that is travel time. How long is the actual tour? Lunch? Other comments on this trip? Is it worth the $?
Posted By: Debbie

Re: tikal - 04/16/03 11:07 PM

It's definately worth the money to see Tikal. It's the most awesome thing I've ever done... We had a GREAT guide too. It took most of the day. If you just go for the day, you'll miss a lot. I STRONGLY suggest you spend a night just outside the park and ENJOY it. It will be something you will never forget... Promise.
Posted By: Marie

Re: tikal - 04/17/03 11:12 AM

Definately spend a night outside the park if you can spare the time.
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: tikal - 04/17/03 04:56 PM

Do either of you know if there is a "child rate" for the trip?
Also, which company should we go with?
Posted By: evening

Re: tikal - 04/17/03 07:18 PM

Not that I've taken my trip yet, but I highly recommend Katie Valk at Maya Travel (you can link to them through the home page of this site - under tours, I think).

She's very knowledgeable about the country, and has aleviated most of my concerns about security, malaria, etc. And, all my questions were answered patiently and immediately. As an independent traveler who's had bad experiences with agents and tour operators, I am thrilled that I found Katie!
Posted By: spooky

Re: tikal - 04/18/03 03:22 AM

We are also planning to a trip to Tikal. We were planning to stay at San Ignacio and drive to Tikal teh next day morning. Is driving on your won safe (directions straight forward,e tc) or can somebody recommend a guide who can accompany us from SI or even at teh Guatamalan border onwards?

Any recommendations on staying outside the park?


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Re: tikal - 04/18/03 01:11 PM

Windosr-Tikal worth the effort? Would be like going to Eygpt and not visiting the pyramids. Real easy from San Pedro, Maya Island offer good packages with everything.

Spooky-Just a few rental agencies allow you to cross the border with a rental vehicle, but they can;t insure your car. So...Plenty of ways to get there and back. The SI Hotel can arrange it for you or steeer you in the right direction. I like the Jungle Lodge in the park, the plush Camino Real about 35 mins from the park and also like the smal hotels on the island village of flores,and get a taste of Guatemala.
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: tikal - 04/18/03 03:33 PM

Hey Mayatravel--
Katie Valk there is recommended above. Thought about getting in touch with her. Maybe it's YOU!
What are the rates for 2 adults, one child, for a one day venture? We really want to go, and the advice of others here makes it more so!
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Re: tikal - 04/18/03 05:51 PM


By what you said, it doesnt make sense to rent a car, so how do I get to SI and then to Tikal from teh airport. How does one get around in Belize? I know its not needed in SPedro.

Since we are going to be 4 adults and an infant, I didnt want to make it an expensive affair.

Posted By: evening

Re: tikal - 04/18/03 09:28 PM

Windsor - have to agree with Maya Travel! OK, admit I'm biased, since I am finally going to Tikal after a 10 year delay - and staying at the ruins for 2 nights.

I was held hostage, as you put it, by Mayaland Tours the first time I went to Cancun over 10 years ago. Took the all day trip to Chichen Itza - spent about 3 hours at the ruins and the rest travelling, eating lunch and waiting for stragglers. It was worth every $1 and every minute!
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