Tikal: worth it from AC?

Posted By: nyc_chick14

Tikal: worth it from AC? - 04/18/05 08:07 PM

we're spending a week in AC and are wondering if a full-day trip to tikal is worth it or not. i've heard its amazing...but i wonder if the hassles to get there will outweigh the wow factor...thoughts?

does anyone have opinions about lamanai and how that trip compares to tikal?

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Re: Tikal: worth it from AC? - 04/18/05 08:36 PM

Don't know about Tikal. Went to Lamanai with Seaduced. It's a fairly long journey but worth it I'd say. You spend an hour by boat through one river. Get on a bus for an hour then on a second boat on the New river for about an hour to get to the site. Then the same to get back. Wear sneakers or hlking boots and drink a lot of water.
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Re: Tikal: worth it from AC? - 04/18/05 08:43 PM

No hassle at all, when I stayed at Holiday Hotel they booked everything through Tropic Air for us and everything was covered. This included all flights, transportation from the airport in Flores to the Tikal site, a knowledgeable guide, and a prepared lunch.

The only problem you're likely to have with full day trip from SI to Tikal is that you'll wish you had an extra day (or days) to spend touring the magnificent site.

Lamanai is also an excellent site, it is pretty large although not on the same scale as Tikal. The trip along the New River to the Lamanai site is very enjoyable, we saw baby crocodiles, a couple of monkeys and a wide variety of bird species.
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Re: Tikal: worth it from AC? - 04/18/05 09:15 PM

Lamanai is a nice trip, but there's no comparison. As long as you're going all the way to Lamanai, may as well go the rest of the way to Tikal. If you're going to do one Mayan ruin, make it Tikal. If you haven't booked your trip yet, you may want to schedule a night in Tikal before or after Ambergris so you don't have to backtrack.
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Re: Tikal: worth it from AC? - 04/18/05 09:31 PM

Tikal is worth it!!
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Re: Tikal: worth it from AC? - 04/19/05 12:33 AM

Tikal is absolutely worth it, BUT....

Doing the trip all in one day makes for a long day, and frankly, Tikal and the Flores area deserve more time than that. If you have the flexibility to add the trip into Guatemala at the beginning or end of your vacation, that might be better.

We did the trip through Tropic Air - we flew into BZE, got into one of Tropic's planes and flew to Flores. We were met at he airport and driven into Flores to the hotel. Had the afternoon / evening on our own. Flores is a small town on an island in a lake - fun shopping and wandering. Next morning we were driven to the airport where we joined a larger group. Visited Tikal - I could have stayed longer - ate lunch and then back to the Flores airport for the flight back to BZE. From BZE we flew to AC and started that part of the vacation.

Warning - if you fly in and out of Gautemala, be prepared for a $30-$40 departure fee. They charge less crossing the border via bus or van.
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