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Tikal - 08/23/05 09:59 PM

Hello all, my wife and I have been following this board for a long time. We are finally planning our first trip to AC in feb, 06. Part of what I want to see while there, is Tikal. I see that Ramon's has a day trip to Tikal. Does anybody have any info about this? I'm sure it would be better to spend even more time there, but it just isn't in the cards for us this time. Our real questions are about the safety to travelers to the Tikal region. Is it safe? if we are only going for one long day, should we worry about malaria? Any help would be great thanks Eric
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Re: Tikal - 08/23/05 11:08 PM

We did the day trip from Holiday Hotel, they booked air travel through Tropic Air and had a guide who met us at the airport in Flores and drove us to the site.

No worries in terms of safety, especially if you stick with your guide. No worries about malaria, just be sure to bring insect repellant & sun block.
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Re: Tikal - 08/23/05 11:43 PM

Tikal was great. did you already book your fligh to ac? If not, consider flying into Belize and going to Guatemala for 2 days and flying home out of there.
It does not cost more to fly into one country and fly home from the other when in central ameica.
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Re: Tikal - 08/24/05 04:43 PM

We were going to Tikel however why go there when I have to have knee sugery - want to climb the Ruins and Ruin 4 is out - we'll go next year.

However, these are some hotels I found to be great:

Hotel Santana, Peten Esplendido - also the Jungle Lodge would have been terrific except I'm not an outdoor type of person (mosquito nets, etc.) We would have flown from A. C. to Flores via Tropic then Flores to Cancun. - the bridge is a must - we're very disappointed however the knee comes first - padi course is important also. Definitely go!!!
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Re: Tikal - 08/24/05 04:46 PM

Forgot to add, you'll be safe & if you unsure about your shots at hubby was, get them. They have bottled water, etc., they now have Deet wipes along with the bottle which you can take. GO GO GO!!!
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Re: Tikal - 08/24/05 05:11 PM

Thanks all, we are planning to fly into belize city, little plane to AC. Then, the resort books the flight to Flores for us. I've dreamed of Tikal for years, can't wait.
Are there shots we should get before leaving? Not sure I could talk the wife into shots.
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Re: Tikal - 08/25/05 06:08 PM

I highly recommend going the day before and staying over in Flores. Quite a lovely little SAFE town. Nice shops, good food, clean hotels. Get an early start and have a fun FULL day at Tikal. No shots needed.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Tikal - 08/25/05 06:17 PM

I like Caracol more than Tikal - and it's in Belize.
Just MHO. Tikal is cool though.
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Re: Tikal - 08/26/05 08:26 AM

Agree with Stcroixboy - Flores is worth staying over night to explore. We added an extra night to the front end of one of our trips and caught the afternoon Tropic flight to Flores. Wandered the town (a quaint island in the middle of a lake) had dinner and then visited Tikal the next day. Lunch at the lodge at Tikal and then Tropic's flight to Goldson and then their last flight into San Pedro. We left our larger bags with Tropic at Goldson and only took backpacks to Guatemala. It was a great trip and the cost for overnight vs. a day trip wasn't that much.
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