Posted By: Bret

Tikal - 06/11/01 02:45 AM

Has anyone been here? Is it worth the extra time? Danger?
Posted By: papashine

Re: Tikal - 06/11/01 03:47 AM

It is worth the trip, very nice if you like ruins, if you are not into ruins, don't bother going, it is as safe as anywhere these days, I've never had a problem over there.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Tikal - 06/11/01 11:10 AM

I agree. If ruins are your bag, then visit Tikal. If you just want to be able to say you saw some ruins and they were interesting, then I would suggest Altun Ha.
Posted By: mayatravel

Re: Tikal - 06/11/01 05:36 PM

Tikal is wroth the visit even if you aren't into ruins. Like someone seeing the Nutcracker even if they aren't into ballet. It's extraordinary. As far as safety goes, it's been dicey for a while and getting worse. Someone was actually killed there last week, so it's time to rethink Tikal visit until security is worked out. Check again closer to your visit.

Otherwise, Lamanai ruins trip is wonderful for both the ruins and the wildlife.

Katie Valk
Maya Travel Services
Posted By: Bret

Re: Tikal - 06/11/01 06:51 PM

Thanks to those who responded...I'm sure we're all interested in your comment Katie. What happened? Was it tourist related? How likely is it at this time...I leave for Belize tomorrow...that similar incidents will take place?
Posted By: patrick-e

Re: Tikal - 06/12/01 11:45 PM

Katie, I too am interested, as we plan to visit Tikal after our trip to AC on August 30 - Sept 2. Do you or does anyone else have any details or information regarding this incident? Did the incident occur onthe road from Belize to Tikal or near Tikal itself? I tried to do a search on the WWW for Tikal, Guatemala, but could find no recent articles discussing this incident, only comments discussing certain areas that seem to be prone to problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Sassy2

Re: Tikal - 06/15/01 02:45 AM

I have heard that the murdered person was a park employee and that it happened on the grounds. There was also a rape incident. I was there last year and did not see or sense any trouble. I'm sure they will put extra security on the grounds after this. They do not want to lose tourists! It is an amazing and beautiful place!
Posted By: mayatravel

Re: Tikal - 06/15/01 03:05 PM

I've gotten a few different stories, not sure which part is true, but it seems the incident sparked attention, the federales will be brought in to sweep the area clean and I assume they'll post guards to keep it safe. Tikal is usually safe, but once in a while, security is fluid and crime increases, so like I said, ask before you go.
Posted By: Sassy2

Re: Tikal - 06/20/01 02:23 AM

I heard from a resort in Benque Viejo that does the Tikal tours that there was no murder there. There was a robbery that resulted in a rape near temple 6 which is isolated. They have security crawling all over the place and the tourists from their resort are still going to Tikal!
Posted By: mayatravel

Re: Tikal - 06/20/01 03:58 PM

The families of the two murdered people know there was a murder there a few weeks ago. Over the weekend GOVT reps met with local biz and they are in the process of trying to form a private security force that combined with govt security, will flush out the bandits in the area and try to keep the park secure. They can do that in Guatemala and do it quickly, as they do not have the same laws we do or guidelines they must operate within. Like I said, safety in Tikal is fluid-unsafe one week and then the cops come in and clean it up. Then safe the next week.
Check before you go. I had 4 people drive there from Belize this week without any incidents, but felt obligated to inform them of the recent incidents. They were very happy they didn't listen to my advice. So there.

Katie Valk
Maya Travel Services
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