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Rainforest - 02/02/02 02:27 AM

Is the Rain Forest something to se?
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Re: Rainforest - 02/02/02 02:56 AM

Yes..if you like that sort of thing...the most adventurest do the "rapelling" in the rainforest...400 ft. down into a sink hole in the earth. A day trip or over night in a cave!! Not sure on who offers the "rapelling".....Marty??????
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Re: Rainforest - 02/02/02 05:13 AM

went to Rain forest in Puerto Rico was very cool, Looking to make this a first at diveing, however thought if rainforest was easy and a good time would try it....Been talking to , I think Elbert Greer for diving any thoughts on that?
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Re: Rainforest - 02/02/02 08:47 AM

1993 we went to cayo/belmopan for 7 days: saw the 1,000 ft waterfalls, walked thru a HUGE cavern (rio frio), swam in Rio Un river pools, rode horseback thru the jungle (guide with machette & all!), climbed a pyramid. these are just the highlites. u tell me...

do you think it was worth it?
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Re: Rainforest - 02/03/02 07:52 PM

We went and took our kids a couple years ago. We basically did it, as my younger son is a avid rain forest enthusiast (wanted to be an ethnobotanist at the time). I had very little expectations, and wasn't that sure I would enjoy it very much. We only stayed three days. Boy was I WRONG!!! Coolest thing I've ever done. I was sorry we didn't arrange to stay longer. SO MUCH TO DO!!!!! It was simply awesome. I recommend it to anyone..... We stayed at DuPlooy's and I highly recommend it as well. By all means try it.

Re: Rainforest - 02/04/02 05:42 PM

if you are not on a caye, the rain forest is a big part of belize. don't miss it. it will be gone from our earth too soon. i love the birds, bugs, butterflies, & even some of the snakes.
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Re: Rainforest - 02/04/02 06:28 PM

We will be on AC, think it will be a big deal to take a day or so to see the Rain Forest? What do you think the cost would be?
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Re: Rainforest - 02/06/02 01:44 AM

You can fly into Belize City Municipal airport (not the big one you fly into from the US) and back to san Pedro for about $50 each. then get Ian Anderson's Caves Branch or Jaguar Paw to pick you up, or take a bus out to their place. Ian Anderson's has a shuttle on several days of the week.

They can set you up with all kinds of hikes. I love it there. the grounds are incredible. great river with rope swing, we did the black Hole drop one day, whew, that was exciting. 280 feet off a cliff on a rope. none of us had ever done anything down a rope. my wife and i, and our two teenagers and two friends of thiers. i would have bet the ranch my wife would NOT go off that cliff, but over she went.

the jungle is incredible. the two hour hike thru the jungle to get to the cliff was gorgeous. Going to Lamanai you get to see some jungle-ish stuff, but not like the hikes we went on at Caves Branch.
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