Tree Swinging??

Posted By: Aerial

Tree Swinging?? - 03/04/02 05:38 AM

Does anybody know if they offer tree swinging (Sorry, not sure of the proper name)in Belize. I saw a show where they harness you to a rope and you swing above the rain forest from one tree to another. Has anybody done this. Is it safe? Cost? Looked like a lot of fun and something we would like to try when we go up at the end of April.
Also... I can barely swim but would like to snorkel in shallow water with rays. Is this possible?
Thanks for any and all help.
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/04/02 11:39 AM

Tree swinging is available in Costa Rica. I have not heard of it in Belize yet. Shark Ray alley is shallow but still is over your head in depth in many places.

Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/04/02 03:23 PM

No tree swinging, but you can rapel from a rope into the rain forest and into a 400 ft. sink hole in the earth. This is a one day trip or overnight and you spend the night in a cave in the jungle!! "Caves Branch" offers this
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/04/02 05:10 PM

I went snorkeling with a guide and my family just down from shark ray alley. It was chest deep. You could stand up any time you wnated, and I have to say, I saw cool stuff there that I never saw in the deeper places. Ask a guide to take you to a shallow places. There's loads of them and they will be happy to do it. If you're insistant on the rays, they could provide you with a life jacket or floatation device. They're wonderful about stuff like that. JUST ASK! [Linked Image]
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Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/05/02 02:12 AM

i am not a strong swimmer. my first snorkel they tied a life preserver (the old round white kind) to the boat and let me just hang onto it & float around. others had me tie a life jacket around my waist for peace of mind so i could wander. sometimes my honey holds my hand. buddies are a good idea anyway.

the dive masters are used to it, and do not embarrass you about it. just tell them how you feel, and they will take care of you.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/05/02 11:04 PM

For another type of swinging, The I & I Reggae Bar has swings instead of bar stools at it. Its a palapa top 3-story bar on Caye Caulker. Click on this link to see a picture of it

Posted By: Debbie

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/06/02 05:15 PM

Damn, I wish I had know about the I & I Reggae Bar. It looks like a good time and I LOVE Reggae. Swings too??? I'd be in heaven. My favorite passtime as a child.... How is it going down there for you??? All okay? Take care.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/06/02 11:25 PM

I'm doing fine Debbie. Just takin-it-all in.....

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/07/02 12:36 AM


"Just takin it all in" Okey Dokey.

We'll be doing the Easter Egg Hunt at "you know where" Easter Sunday. If the boats are running, hop over and we'll see you there. "Awful Blues" are on me if you have the courage.

Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: Tree Swinging?? - 03/07/02 05:02 PM

Man maybe I will leave the kids home on my June trip!
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