Tikal recommendations

Posted By: mobunny

Tikal recommendations - 05/05/08 07:04 PM

I am looking for recommendations on who to use for the overnight package to Tikal. Price range per person?
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Tikal recommendations - 05/05/08 08:49 PM

Coming from SP? or are you spending some time in Cayo and going from there?
Posted By: mobunny

Re: Tikal recommendations - 05/06/08 02:23 AM

Hey Barb! From San Pedro...
Posted By: Belize4me15

Re: Tikal recommendations - 05/06/08 03:16 PM

Also - along those same lines. Can anyone also comment on about how long it takes to get from Tikal to Belize City Municipal Airport? Thanks!
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Tikal recommendations - 05/06/08 09:16 PM

From the marine terminal in Bz City, you can get a bus direct to Tikal for about $25 US. Leaves at 9:30Am & 3:30 PM (if it hasn't changed). Takes about 3 1/2 hours. Taxi from the muni to the marine terminal is about 5 minutes.
Mobunny - I don't really know of anyone who does the Tikal tour as an overnight from SP now that the airlines are not flying it. You could get yourself to Bz City on a water taxi and catch this bus. Not something I can book in advance. Maybe somebody on the island who has done it can help more. Or you can get yourself to San Ignacio and easily arrange a tour from there. I could get you a driver from Bz City to SI, or you can bus it. Spend a night or 3 in SI - it's a great town! LOTS to do and see.
Posted By: H20dog

Re: Tikal recommendations - 05/14/08 09:25 PM

Clinton at Ocean Adventures Tours does the overnight tour to Tikal...they use a van from the Guatemalan border to Lake Peten and stay there for the night....Tikal the next day. Been there...done that!
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