HELP! Are these prices expensive or normal?

Posted By: bonehead123

HELP! Are these prices expensive or normal? - 07/25/00 01:53 AM

Looking into Chaa Creek and pricing for their tours. They offer a Caves Branch River tubing tour that would be $185.00 for 2 people + $75.00 each for Guide/Equipment w/lunch. (I guess you can have up to 4 people in which case the $185 is split 4 ways.)

Also, a tour to Mountain Pine ridge would be $210.00 for 2 people (or divided between up to 4 people) + $1.00 each for entry fees.

These are a couple of tours that me and my fiance would really like to go on, but it doesn't appear to be this expensive at other lodges (unless I'm reading their rate information wrong).

If anyone has experience with this and can tell me if these prices are the norm, I'd appreciate it.

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: HELP! Are these prices expensive or normal? - 07/25/00 03:32 PM

Couple of things to consider:

* Most tours (whether from Chaa Creek or elsewhere) are predicated on a minimum number of people, usually four. So a US$200 tour costs that amount whether it's for one, two, three or four people. Beyond four, it might be US$50 a person. Usually, at least in high season, it's no problem meeting the minimum. Operators often switch off and combine groups if they don't have enough people going with them.

* Chaa Creek is among the most expensive tour operators. They cater to a more-affluent guest, not to the budget traveler. But they offer a quality product and stand behind it. The tour guides who work out of Eva's or one of the budget hotels will be much cheaper. For example, you can get a trip to the Pine Ridge for US$25 per person. Most are fine, but check around with others who have taken the trips before committing.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: HELP! Are these prices expensive or normal? - 07/26/00 06:29 PM

Bonehead....try this site.....they have good prices on tours.

Posted By: Cinca

Re: HELP! Are these prices expensive or normal? - 08/10/00 06:55 AM

We went with David and had a great time! Best prices, and he really enjoys what he is doing! We stayed at Xunanatunich Inn, and Tamara arranged for David to meet us there.
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