Pook's Hill report + thanks to regular posters!

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Pook's Hill report + thanks to regular posters! - 07/28/02 10:13 PM

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to post your opinions and experiences on this board. We just returned from a fabulous trip to Victoria House and to Pook's (which we selected based on what we read here) and had a great time. The two places are totally different, and not everyone who likes VH will be happy at Pook's (there's no a/c, it's more homestyle). But, if you are looking for a wonderful, interesting, beautiful place with a family atmosphere, Pook's is the right place to go! Some highlights:
--delicious, healthy, homestyle food: suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters
--beautiful setting--really in virgin jungle, unlike (from what we heard) many other lodges
--friendly and interesting hosts (Vicki and Ray)
--a fabulous tour guide: the irreplaceable Benjamin Cruz (former chief ranger at Lamanai); all tours done on-site (and there is a lot to do without leaving the premises, in contrast to many other places) are FREE with the exception of horse-back riding and a day-long trek to/in the nearby cave-->I kept myself busy with three hikes with Benjamin and one river-tubing expedition, plus one ride-along to Belmopan with Vicki
--interesting guests (while we were there our fellow guests included a team of young archeologists working on the on-site Mayan ruin and a team of Scottish biology students (including Vicki and Ray's son) studying tropical bats)
--cabanas are pretty and perfectly comfortable-->water wasn't hot 24 hours a day, but in the jungle a cool shower feels pretty good!

If you are flexible, easy-going, love food and meeting others, and are looking for some beautiful scenery and interesting hiking, Pook's is the place to go!


PS: We also highly recommend going to Lamanai from San Pedro with Hustler Tours/New River Cruises. Vincent is a great tour guide and his wife is a fabulous cook!
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Re: Pook's Hill report + thanks to regular posters! - 07/29/02 06:57 PM

I am glad you enjoyed Pook's Hill. We sure loved it and the setting is so wonderful. We also visited Cha Creek and even so it is very nice and more upscale we much prefer Pook's Hill. Vicki and Ray are great hosts and made our stay special. Ask Ray about the Merlot from Chille I had a couple glasses evernight after dinner while talking to intersting people,listening to the jungle sounds and experiencing thousands of light bugs creating a magical atmosphere at night.
It is a truly special place but no it's not a luxury Lodge! We where not looking for luxury but for a comfotable lodge surrounded by incredible scenery and that's exactly what we got. Waking up to Howler Monkey screams, opening our eyes in the morning and seeing the most beautiful sunrise over the jungle with mist coming over the hills like a wave. Walking across an ancient Mayan Plaza that is being excavated to go to Breakfast at the Lodge. This is what we came for and will be back for!!!
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Re: Pook's Hill report + thanks to regular posters! - 08/04/02 04:19 PM


Vicki was very excited to see your earlier post; she is not on the boards and was fascinated to see what other people liked about the place. She thought it was really neat that you mentioned how you liked the mist over the trees in the morning; she said that's one of her favorite parts of living there too!
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Re: Pook's Hill report + thanks to regular posters! - 08/07/02 10:58 PM

I am happy to hear that. Thank you for passing my post to Vicki.
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