Maya Green Growers Project Inauguration

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Maya Green Growers Project Inauguration - 10/10/09 03:14 PM

Inauguration ceremonies for the project: “Efficient Technology to produce Quality Vegetables and Fruits for the Belizean market” took place today in San Antonio, Cayo District.

The Project was taken up by the Maya Green Growers Association, a group of twenty farmers who decided to come together and grow vegetables for local consumption and export.

They requested technical assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture Extension Service to develop a project proposal to produce quality vegetable seedlings to sell to farmers within the village. The Taiwanese Agricultural Technical Mission was instrumental in rendering such assistance and financial support for the project.

The Group’s primary focus is on vegetable production utilizing improved technology which will go a long way in alleviating sporadic shortages of vegetables throughout the year.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Rene Montero, said that his Ministry, through the Extension Service Department and the Taiwanese Technical Mission will continue monitoring the project and there are plans to construct a packing shed to help the farmers in the marketing of their fresh produce. The Ministry will continue working hand in hand with the farmers to encourage the farm-family-participation which has the aim of having every member of the family gainfully employed throughout the year. This will have the effect of reducing or minimizing the migration of youths to urban areas in search of employment, will alleviate poverty, will encourage rural development and will effectively address the issue of food security.

Minister Montero concluded by pointing out that affordable credit, technological transfer, feeder roads and accessible markets are key elements that need to be held as top priority.

The main objectives of the Maya Green Growers Farmers Group include: the establishment of a commercial seedling nursery to generate income for its members; to produce organic fertilizer for commercial purposes for revenue generation and to construct a covered structure for the production of vegetables all year round.

All three projects were inaugurated today.
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Re: Maya Green Growers Project Inauguration - 10/18/09 07:40 PM

Having a property in Cayo, mainly in Armenia Village, I would be very interested in hearing/learning more about this project as we would definitely be interesed in the production of vegetable crops year-around. Where/how do I obtain more data?
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