smelling the roses

Posted By: gbmadison

smelling the roses - 04/29/04 12:59 AM

Our closest trip to the caribbean so far was to Key West several years ago in april. One of the many highlights of that trip was to experience
the permeating fragrance of the flowers in bloom at that time. Now we are planning are first trip to Belize and I am wondering about flora bloom in western Cayo district and beyond. Also curious about times when fauna might be more green and lush than others. Please understand these are not close to show stopper considerations for us.We`re a comin but we ain`t there yet. I can`t think of too much better to do at this point than to frolic on this board and learn through your helpfull posts until we can live it ourselves.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: smelling the roses - 04/29/04 01:41 PM

In spring the orange trees blossom. We went up to Black Rock Lodge one weekend and took an afternoon horse-back ride ........ a glorious part of that ride was through incredible valleys that (seemingly improbably) had vast orange groves in them - all in blossom with a heavenly fragrance. Orange Blossom Special indeed.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: smelling the roses - 04/29/04 01:44 PM

Oh yes - the orchids start blooming soon too. They do not have fragrance, but they are lovely along the jungle rivers and in some of the hidden creeks out in Turneffe. Awesome actually.
Ask Daniel Nuenez at Tanisha Tours where to see the orchids and when. He's an expert most things in nature around here.
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Re: smelling the roses - 04/29/04 02:51 PM

Frangiopanni (blooms all year long on big bushes) has a honeysuckle-like scent and beautiful five-petal white and yellow waxy blooms. There is also one orchid in Belize that starts releasing its heavenly scent at 4 p.m., it is called the Dame de la Noche (Lady of the Evening) a white central bloom with 3 outer petals.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: smelling the roses - 04/29/04 06:18 PM

Cayo abounds with delicious smells, sights, tastes & sounds. You will not be disappointed!
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Re: smelling the roses - 05/01/04 11:05 AM

Thanks Diane,Silkpainter,Barb,for the info and encouragement.Feel free to contact me anytime with additional tidbits you think I might find usefull.
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Re: smelling the roses - 05/01/04 03:36 PM

Belize Botanic Gardens at duPlooys Jungle Lodge in Cayo
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Re: smelling the roses - 05/01/04 03:43 PM

Lush and green means rainy season - my favorite time to be back home. Not only is everything lush and green but mayflower, flamboyants, cassias and frangipani are brilliant. Hibiscuses everywhere, and the varieties of heliconias (bird of paradise) grow wild along the highway. Look closely in large trees for orchids (over 200 varieties in Belize) and other air plants.
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Re: smelling the roses - 05/01/04 11:26 PM

OOPS! misused Fauna.I meant to say, does the rain forest,vegitation,ect.get noticeably less green at certain times of the year than others? :rolleyes:
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Re: smelling the roses - 05/10/04 03:27 PM

I received an email from you just before my old, worn out computer died...can you re-send and I will be happy to answer your questions.
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