Jaguar paw

Posted By: mickeyduex

Jaguar paw - 06/18/04 02:47 AM

My husband and I want to stay 2 days in the jungle before going to Abergrise Caye. How is Jaguar Paw? There are not many postings. One mentioned something about cruise ship people traffic. We are middle aged...ok maybe considered old but fit! This would be a bit adventurous for us. Anyone out there with advice?
Posted By: Zelda

Re: Jaguar paw - 06/18/04 02:05 PM

Just left Jaguar Paw- yes there is some cruise traffic but not on the weekend. Lots of traffic Mon. through Fri.Food was great! People are wonderful and the animals on the grounds were fun.
Great air conditioning. The float trip through the caves was nice. Didn't do the zip line but did go to the zoo which is close by and it was nice also.
Posted By: Tom

Re: Jaguar paw - 06/18/04 04:22 PM

micheyduex, I highly recommend Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort. I have stayed there ans was scouting the place for someone else so looked at it with a critical eye. I found the people to be really nice and friendly espesially the owner, who was caring for a baby Howler Monkey who lost his mother. The surroungings are peaceful and just what you would expect for a Jungle Resort. They have 12 rooms I believe and are decorated with different themes. The Celestial one is really good and romantic as well. The food was good and the dinning room uniquely decorated. The carved entrance door are marvelous. The pool is really nice and could have spent alot of time in it. There are paths to walk down to also be able to enjoy the setting and it is not a stressful walk.
Again, I highly recommend this site.
Posted By: Coreen

Re: Jaguar paw - 06/18/04 09:48 PM

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll be checking in for 3 days on the 28th (10 days and YES I am counting!!)

A question about how the place is set up, when the 'cruisers" come for the floats and zip line, do they channel through the main resort? We will be there monday through Wed, is there going to be a time that the cave float won't be swamped with people? Also, so we can budget, how much did dinner run at the onsite resturant? We won't have a car, so it will be our only option.

Posted By: Zelda

Re: Jaguar paw - 06/19/04 03:45 AM

Coreen- Sorry, but you will run into cruisers from what they told us. We arrived on Fri. and they were gone. They said that Jaguar Paw does feed them but not in the main restaurant. There is an outside eating area where you pick up the tubes for the cave float. It did look like a lot of people pass through there. There was a public park area on the same road just before Jaguar Paw that also looked like "big business".Jaguar Paw itself was very nice. The meals were from about $10-$22 depending on what you ordered and the food was excellent. We did enjoy our stay, hope you do also.
Posted By: kcwaterbug

Re: Jaguar paw - 06/24/04 09:43 PM

Stayed there a couple years ago for two nights. More nights would have made us crazy...nice place but nothing to do and very isolated from anything else. If cave tubing with cruisers, could get crowded and noisy in the caves. Otherwise would recommend.
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