Best idea for honeymooners

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Best idea for honeymooners - 09/13/04 07:01 PM


I am brand new to the forum but have loved reading all the fantastic stuff everyone has to say. I will be heading to Belize for the first time with my fiance for our honeymoon in June of 2005.

Right now we are looking into Blancaneaux for 3 nights, as part of our inland trip. I am trying to decide whether or not to rent a jeep 4x4 for getting around there. I am hoping to cut the costs of the tours this way. I am also looking into 5 Sisters? Would BL or 5 Sisters be a better choice for a Honeymoon? What is the pros and cons of each. Also what tours are most agreeable with a honeymooners appetite, if you know what I mean?

I know I have thrown a lot out there but any reply would help. I would much appreciate it!!
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/15/04 07:07 PM

Might be doing something wrong...
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/15/04 10:03 PM

My husband and I got married at the Mopan River Resort June 17, 2004. I cannot say enough great things about Mopan! I looked into Frank's Blancaneaux, but found Mopan was a better deal because it is truly "all inclusive". Pam and Jay were the BEST hosts! And oh those Banana Velvets! I'll be posting a trip report soon. If you want to feel like Indiana Jones for a few days with no worries about food, drink or relaxation, then check out their website. For trips, Tikal, Ian Anderson's Cave Branch, Xunantunich, Barton Creek Cave, any of the butterfly farms! We stayed on AC and then on to Placencia for a few days at Kitty's - all based on information from this board.
You'll LOVE Belize! cool
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/16/04 06:17 PM


Thanks I am checking into Mopan, I am a little confused about their prices on their site. Is the 1200 for two people or just per person.
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/17/04 06:42 PM

The rate page is per person. It's $1200 for 7 nights. But when you think about all that is included - it's really a good deal. What I wanted was no "not included" issues as was the case with the other resorts. Look at the fine print and add up all the additional costs such as taxes, tours & transportation, tips, drinks. Mopan is the only true all inclusive, with only the park fees (government) to enter places - which are not much $10/US for Tikal. They pick you up at the airport & bring you back - either to Municipal for island hopping or International. We enjoyed the fact that we didn't need to worry about food or anything else. Their tour guides are tremendous & knowledgeable! Always a cold Belekin waiting for you!! Once we arrived on AC we once again had to spend time to decide on which restaurant, which pub, which tour guides, etc. Don't get me wrong - that can be fun too, but for our wedding/honeymoon (with 6 other family members) we wanted the first week to be as decision free as possible. An hour before our wedding we were enjoying the pool with our friends and family - how many brides can say that? lol.
Pam was great in answering my many questions prior to our deciding on Mopan - so ask her questions. It really depends on the type of traveler you are and what you want out of the trip. We wanted to be pampered Indiana Jones'.
We'll be going back to Mopan without a doubt - my parents too!
We also spent time at Turtle Inn (Coppolla's Plancencia location) so I'm sure that Blancaneaux is beautiful! Good luck! laugh laugh
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/18/04 03:46 AM

We rented a 4x4 to drive ourselves, and were very glad to have the car during our Cayo part of the trip. The jungle lodges can be very remote by US standards, so we felt we had more freedom with our own car. For instance, we did the ATM tour with Pacz (highly recommend!) and then stayed for dinner with our tour group in San Ignacio. It also gave us the freedom to see Caracol on our own, then do some side stops on the way back.

We stayed a few nights at Blancaneaux, and LOVED it. Everything about it was amazing...the place and setting (along the river) are beautiful, the cabanas are great (lots of attention to detail), and the restaurant is FABULOUS. Our group included some serious eaters, and all were thrilled with the restaurant...a huge step above any other food at jungle lodges we visited. And the staff at Blancaneaux were great...very accomodating. We called late one evening to arrange, then arrived an hour later...they kept the restaurant open late just for us! Blancaneaux really was one of the highlights of our trip. Can't wait to go back!
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/20/04 05:59 PM

Thanks for the insight,

We are leaning more towards Bl and Tikal and even looking at Jaguar Reef. If any of you have stayed at these places any info will be helpful...
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Re: Best idea for honeymooners - 09/21/04 02:43 PM

As it happens I've stayed at all the places mentioned so far in this thread -- Blancaneaux, Turtle Inn, Mopan River, Jaguar Reef, etc. Most, multiple times. They're all excellent. It just depends on what you are looking for and your budget.

If I can answer any questions, or compare the pros and cons, let me know.

--Lan Sluder
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