Tours from San Ignacio

Posted By: Littleengine

Tours from San Ignacio - 07/21/05 02:54 AM

I'm going to be taking my first trip to Belize in mid-October. The majority of my trip will be spent on AC, but I'd like to spend a few days in San Ignacio to take advantage of seeing other parts of the country (not to mention the savings in taking inland tours from that area instead of from AC). My question is, knowing that I'm travelling in the slower time of year, what are the odds that I'll show up and find that no one else has signed up to take these tours? All of the ones I've seen seem to have 'minimum' requirements and I'd hate to show up just to be told that the tours I want (and went there specifically to take) will not be offered because I was the only one to sign up. So far this is the only downside I can see to travelling alone. Any thoughts/suggestions?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Tours from San Ignacio - 07/21/05 03:05 AM

My experiences have been that, depending upon which tour(s) you plan to do, often times minimum #s do not mean anything....friendly smiles and a go-with -the-flow attituye will go a long way!
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