Mainland trip suggestions!!

Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 04:51 PM

In addition to time on AC we want to stay on the mainland this year as well. Our todo list for 3 days on the Mainland include a day trip to Tikal, horseback riding and kayaking to an atoll - or - kayaking thru some caves. Is there any place we could do all of these?
Posted By: CodeBoy

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 06:11 PM

You'll probably want to find a place out in or around San Ignacio. Tikal is only 2 1/2 hours away and the Barton Creek cave is about a half hour drive. There are tons of tour companies in the town, and a decent selection of hotels and lodges in all price ranges. Only thing you'll miss are the atolls; unfortunately they haven't constructed any islands out in the Mayan Mountains... yet smile
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 08:12 PM

Mopan River Resort would be a nice launching point. It's in Benque de Viejo. We did Mayan ruins, cave tubing, river kayaking from there. It's all inclusive for meals, drinks and excursions. Just find out their typical trip schedule to see if they have the activities you want on the days you'll be there. You can easily google their website.

Get an A/C room (for daytime) while on the mainland! But I loved having the (screened) windows open at night. Very pleasant to hear the night sounds while drifting off to sleep : )

The birds and gardens are just gorgeous!!
Posted By: Hon

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 10:12 PM

I agree, Mopan River Resort is wonderful. It's right on the Guatemalan border so it is is the closest Belizean resort to Tikal. There is one problem with keeping your windows open at night, however, and that is they are still open first thing in the morning! Anyone who has been there knows what I mean wink

...and if you are doing your research by town name you'll have to look for Benque Viejo del Carmen.
Posted By: hot crossed buns

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 10:44 PM

Just keep in mind the resort is closed from July 1, 2006 to October 28, 2006.
Posted By: Bob K

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 11:10 PM

I am going to be in AC in Nov. to dive but would also like to go to the mainland to the rain forest and Mayan Ruins. Can anyone suggest a tour company or guide for a day or two trip to this area?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/16/06 11:53 PM

Are you planning to actually stay on the mainland, or day trip it from AC? If day tripping, I'd highly recommend Daniel Nunez - Tanisha Tours. He's top notch, in my book, and the originator of the Lamanai trip, as well as an outstanding naturalist.
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/17/06 07:10 PM

Thanks Hon, for correcting the town name for me!

And we second the vote for Daniel Nunez (Tanisha Tours)!
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Mainland trip suggestions!! - 05/17/06 07:42 PM

I am thinking we could stay in the cayo district and do the horseback riding and visit Tikal. My husband read an article about kayaking to an atoll, where would this have been, we don't have the article anymore ??? It sounded really cool, and would give us a chance to see more of the mainland.
Thanks for the other suggestions, I am leaning toward Maya Mountain Lodge, has anyone stayed there??
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