More Mayan artifacts unearthed in San Ignacio Town

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More Mayan artifacts unearthed in San Ignacio Town - 02/24/12 02:54 PM

Mayan artifacts unearthed

The ongoing infrastructure works in San Ignacio town continues to unearth buried artifacts. The latest find occurred today. Love TVís Patrick Jones spoke by telephone a short while ago with the director of the Institute of Archaeology Dr. Jaime Awe.


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Re: More Mayan artifacts unearthed in San Ignacio Town - 02/24/12 02:56 PM

Works halted a second time due to discovery of Mayan artifacts

We reported late last month that works on the infrastructure project in San Ignacio were halted because while digging the streets, workers made an exciting discovery. Maya Pottery and other artifacts were unearthed on the Townís main Street, Burns Avenue. Well works have once again been halted in a specific area on Burns Avenue as contractors came across even more Mayan pottery while doing upgrading of the Avenue. Dr. Jaime Awe, Director of the Institute of Archeology tells us more.

Dr. Jaime Awe, Director, Institute of Archeology
The way the pots are organized obviously indicates that it is part of an offering. Right now it is somewhat in the shape of a cross. When I say that however, I donít refer to the Christian cross, I mean that they seem to be placed on an x axis; thatís what I mean by a cross. We also seem to have double parts; one at the bottom and one at the top and thatís very common in Mayan offerings. So we will see whether more pots will come out, but most of it seems to be dating back as early as the birth of Christ to 200 AD. However, when we take them out we will be able to tell better.

We understand that that area is still marked off but contractors have started works on another segment of Burns Avenue until the archeological department is finished with extraction of the pottery and other artifacts.


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