Fancy New Town Hall For San Ignacio

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Fancy New Town Hall For San Ignacio - 10/25/17 10:27 AM

When we were in San Ignacio and Santi Elena today to cover the flood, Mayor Earl Trapp also showed off the new Town Hall. For years many of the workers who were stationed at the Town Hall complained about the dilapidated structure. Well, finally, they will have a new decked out office to work in. Trapp says it was certainly a worthwhile investment.

The official inauguration is set for December 6th. Trapp says he plans to pay off the National bank loan for the project in 4 years.

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Re: Fancy New Town Hall For San Ignacio - 12/14/17 12:25 PM

New Hall Towers over Twin Towns

San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns have a brand new town hall. The one point seven million dollar spanking new building was inaugurated today and replaces the old town hall that had fallen to ruins and caused the town council to relocate to a temporary office space. The grand, multi-level building boasts elevators and spacious offices.  According to Mayor Earl Trapp office space will be made available for rent to generate income. We stopped at today’s inauguration and spoke with the Mayor of the twin towns.

Earl Trapp, Mayor, San Ignacio/Santa Elena

“The total value of the project is one point seven million – that is the building itself and we had the ground-breaking ceremony on the eight of February this year. So, it took basically about ten months to be completed.   In getting additional spaces as well, it would have allowed us to work this project as a revenue generating project rather than a capital project. So, at this moment, I can tell you that we already have commitment from NEMO, Immigration, ICB, that will be renting some of our spaces.   Since this was the area that was most available, the Government decided to hand it over to us. We couldn’t use the area where we were before because of the space; the congestion it created – there wasn’t enough space for parking but now we have the space here. It is now on high grounds whereby we are far from flooding and at the same time this place will be used as a multi-purpose building and since we will have NEMO here, it will be used a control center whenever there is a natural disaster.”

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