U Kuuchil Uuchben Maaya Baalob Museum

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U Kuuchil Uuchben Maaya Baalob Museum - 10/08/20 08:01 PM

Have you visited U Kuuchil Uuchben Maaya Baalob Museum in Cristo Rey? This Maya Museum is for a proud Yucatec Maya guardian, Mr. Faustino Yam. The Museum encompasses the true essence of a Maya community and its people.

In addition to the tools, utensils and memorabilia display, you can walk through the medicinal garden, which adds to the overall Maya experience. Mr Faustino and his wife are great hosts and make you feel at home. Make it a STOP while travelling through Belize.

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Entrance of the herb and medicine trail at the yucatec maya museum U K˙uchil ┌uchben Maaya Ba'alob in Cristo Rey village, Corozal, Belize. Ixchel is the representation of healing .
U k˙uchil ┌ucben Maaya Ba'alob means "Place of old things Maya " . This is the first Yucatec Maya museum in Corozal District . This project is part of the Belizean Yucatec Maya cultural preservation NGO To'one Masehualoon . To'one Masehualoon comes from To'one' Mßasewalo'on which means "We are Maya" .

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