The Belize at 40 Stela!

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The Belize at 40 Stela! - 09/23/21 11:22 AM

We are happy to report that a new monument has been unveiled in the capital City of Belmopan.

This initiative was possible thanks to the work of the Institute of Archaeology (NICH) Belize and the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science & Technology, Belize National Celebrations Commission and Taiwan in Belize.

"This Monument Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Belize's Independence. The Stela is modelled off Caracol Stela 21 and tells the diverse heritage of Belize, the road to Independence and our Indigenous Origin."

The Belize at 40 Stela features a poem written in ancient Mayan style and translated to 88 individual glyphs by Dr. Christophe Helmke, Jorge de Leon and Frank Tzib.

We encourage you to have a look when in Belmopan. It is located on the compound of the NICH Administration Building on Mountain View Blvd. Belmopan.

Photographs: NICH Sep. 22 2021 / Rolando Cocom.

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