Cayo horseback riding

Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Cayo horseback riding - 05/16/02 03:58 PM

Any help would be appreciated....Going to be at Chaa Creek from June 17th-20th and would like to hear if anyone did any horseback riding. I need 8 horses so I figure we need a stable large enough to supply us the ponies. All positive & negative experiences would be of enormous help.
Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Lisa D

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/16/02 04:13 PM

We stayed at Chaa Creek in March and did the horseback riding. Took you on nice trails and was an easy ride. If you are really into horseback riding would reccommend going to Banana Bank to ride. Is much more challenging and the owner John Carr does a fanatastic job of instructing all levels. We took our 3 kids and they had a blast! They were a litte disappointed that they didn't get to do the same type of ride at Chaa Creek, but was still nice. You will love Chaa Creek.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/16/02 10:23 PM

my love, zeke-i-poo. we did a ride back in '93 from banana bank; we stayed there for a few days. cool place. frank had the biggest rug-burn on his butt from galloping at top speed thru a pasture. the guide was chopping down brush in front of us with a machette, we ent thru a little creek. it was so cool. i am not a rider and it was a great adventure. i am hoping to ride with duplooys with my kid. have a blast, friend.
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Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/17/02 03:21 PM

Does anyone know if I can contact Easy Rider on 24 Burns Ave. by email? I have heard good things about them and want to find out if they would have 8 horses available. Would like to make arrangements before arrival, but if can only contact them by phone then I guess I will wait until the big bird lands.
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Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/17/02 04:03 PM

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Cayo Online - Request for Information

(jane is sulking 'cause zeke doesn't even acknoledge her any more [Linked Image] )
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Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/17/02 06:02 PM

Thank you very much Jane for your very useful information. I did not want your doctor friend to know we were buddies in case I needed his expert medical advice. I guess now the cat is out of the bag and I have to keep using my reliable voodoo doctor.If I get back alive from this vacation it will be a minor miracle. A 51 year old horseback riding with very fit teenagers, Ian Anderson's cave tube, and my first scuba dive. Man I should get my f---ing head examined! Ohhhh, these old fragile bones....I need the good doctor.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/17/02 07:07 PM

sounds like mid-life crisis to me!

best to your gang.
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/17/02 07:41 PM

Mid-life your ass! I ain't planning on being 102 years old. My friends are dropping like flies and I gotta enjoy it while I still can.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/17/02 08:03 PM

I'm gonna laugh my a$$ off if you get to AC and can't walk because of the horse riding!!! But you have it all wrong, you aren't 51 years old, it's 51 years young.... just keep up with Joni and you will be fine!! Can hardly wait to see youse guyz!!!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/18/02 06:09 PM

I am SO BUMMED I am going to miss you by only a few days. So depressing.... Email me so we can catch up. Miss hearing from you.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Cayo horseback riding - 05/27/02 04:28 PM

Lisa D....
Could you please ask your mom or dad to e-mail me at [email protected]
We are friends of Marianne and Ron.
Many Thanks,
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