Marine, Coastal, & Dive Accident Medical Class!

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Marine, Coastal, & Dive Accident Medical Class! - 06/17/04 09:39 PM

Belize Marine, Coastal, & Dive Accident Medical First Responder Class


Offered By The Belize Institute for Tropical and Wilderness Medicine and
The Belize Association for Search, Rescue, and Disaster Response (BASAR)

This class is for all Belizeans interested in emergency medical care & disaster response. It is focused on problems that occur in, on, and around the islands, costal, and river areas, but will be very helpful for anyone interested in emergency medical care and responding to rescue and disaster situations. We have been teaching emergency medicine & rescue in Belize for 10 years!

This class will provide over 50 continuing education hours for: - Belize Guide License Recertification
- Dive Master & Dive Operator Recertification
- Captain/Master Recertification
- Belize Disaster Rescue & Response Team Initial & Recertification

This class is for BELIZEANS, with LOTS of hands-on training, practice, & exercises! - Resort Staff
- Dive Operators
- Research Staff
- NEMO Personnel
- Police & BDF Personnel
- Anyone Interested!

This class INCLUDES a Medical/Trauma Kit that you will take home!
- Manage breathing & bleeding problems
- Deal with allergic reactions, insect & snake bites
- Respond to diving accidents and drownings
- Treat infections & common medical problems
- Materials & medicines available in Belize for easy replacement!

You will learn how to, and practice: - Basic boat, shore, and river rescue & how to move patients from/to boats, docks, etc.
- Treat injuries, broken bones & sprains, burns, cuts, chest and belly wounds
- Manage asthma & allergy attacks, bites, heat & lightening injuries, infections, and diving emergencies like decompression sickness & gas embolism, and lost divers
- Administer basic medications, like antibiotics, asthma & allergy meds, pain meds
- Manage immediate response to disasters, provide safe water, food, and sanitation

This Class Is Filling Fast So Enroll Now!

Go Here To Learn More & Enroll:
Remote Medicine Homepage
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Re: Marine, Coastal, & Dive Accident Medical Class! - 06/30/04 03:31 PM

As an update:

1. We will do a CPR class in the evenings for those interested.

2. We will do an AED (automated external defibrillator - heart shocker) class also if there is interest.

3. For those wishing to enroll please contact me directly:

Dr. Keith Brown
[email protected] or
[email protected]

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