No more school in San Isidro

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No more school in San Isidro - 10/10/08 05:47 PM

October 09, 2008

Students at the San Isidro Village R.C. School in the Stann Creek District have not been attending classes for the past month. This is due to a fire that completely destroyed the building that housed the school. The school’s administration has been trying to secure a location to house the children but so far nothing has been finalized. District Education Officer, Luis Carballo explains.

Luis Carballo, District Education Officer

“The day after the fire Mr. Cayetano, assistant local Manager and I met at San Isidro and we tried to see what would be the best option to start classes almost immediately. We saw that there were two churches in the neighborhood and Mr. Cayetano tried to get the permission to use those two churches to house the students. For the larger Church we couldn’t get the go ahead for the usage and for the smaller one the go ahead was given but it was too far toilet facilities. For that reason the management made a decision not to use the smaller Church. They were able to get confirmation from one of the armies that they were going to get assistance with tents to be able to host the children and that was what they were waiting for to start classes. They were also waiting for some black board from the ministry, which we have sent, and I expect that they will start classes as soon as possible.”

District Education Officer, Luis Carballo.
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A ceremony yesterday marked the inauguration of the new San Isidro Bella Vista Government School.

Paul Mahung reporting...
“Those at the ceremony were welcomed by village alcalde Antonio Garcia and thereafter remarks were made by San Isidro Government Primary School Principal Anselma Willory and Social Investment Fund Executive Director Daniel Cano.

Daniel Cano – Executive Director, SIF
“This particular project has seen the construction of four classroom building complete with bathrooms, principal’s office valued at close to $400,000.00. The structure will also serve as a hurricane shelter. This is where the value really comes in; not only will it serve as a hurricane shelter but it is important in the education of our children and the real benefit of the project will come with the work that the teachers, headed by Mrs. Willory, that the parents will do in the education of our children.”

Area Representative Human Development and Social Transformation Minister Peter Eden also addressed.

Peter Eden Martinez – Area Representative
“I can remember when I came to this community several years ago, we didn’t have any electricity here, we didn’t have a potable water system, the lots in this area were not registered, we did not have a school which we consider to be expanding as it were, in fact the school that was there we had several problems with it, the school was burnt several times but we have come a long way. San Isidro has achieved all these things and when I was at a meeting at the home of the old alcalde, I can recall when he mentioned that there was a need to have a school that was of concrete and which would serve as a hurricane shelter.”

Guest speaker was Education and Youth Minister Patrick Faber.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education and Youth
"If I am not mistaken it was over the 9th of March weekend that we were on this very same site, breaking ground, putting shovel into the ground and there was no such edifice in sight and so for us to come in a few short months afterwards to dedicate this building is truly a testament of the work of the Social Investment Fund and your Government of Belize.”

Minster Patrick Faber also called on the students, teachers and villagers to take care of the new school.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education and Youth
It belongs to you, the people of this village and the people of this community and if you don’t take care of it, then it is not going to be here. You have heard it said it is also a hurricane shelter so you need to take care of it.”

In concluding his address Minister Faber pledged his continued support.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education and Youth
“It is my pleasure to support the work of this school. You have my full commitment not only at this time that you are in need but in the future because this school will continue to grow, you will need more buildings, you will need more equipment and the fact that it is a Government school you can be assured of my commitment that we will make sure that things are proper here.”

Cultural entertainment with music and dance was provided by the school students and the vote of Bella Vista Village acting chairman Sergio Dorado. The new San Isidro Bella Vista Government Primary School constructed by contractor Oscar Montero currently has an enrolment of 140 students and a staff of one principal and six other teachers.”
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