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Plancencia - 06/18/01 02:15 AM

I know a lot of readers of this message board seem to favor AC. We were first time visitors in April and loved every minute of our vacation. We have wanderlust and like to try different places. What is Plancencia like? We are thinking of a vacation in Dec or April. No need to be fancy, but clean is good. Ac was bug free--what about P? Would like to hear from some of you who have been there. Thanks
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Plancencia - 06/18/01 02:46 AM

Placencia is quite different from Ambergris Caye. It's much less developed, though it's undergoing a big real estate boom right now. No condotels yet, mostly very small inns and hotels. Not nearly as many restaurants or bars. Think Ambergris Caye in 1985. It's a bit more difficult getting up and down the peninsula, since it's 16 miles long and there's are no water taxis and the shuttle van is on again/off again. Taxis are expensive. Unlike San Pedro, Placencia tends to slow down a great deal in the off-season, with a number of hotels and restaurants closing, especially in September. More no-see-ums than on Ambergris, mosquitoes not usually a problem.

For more information, you might look at one of my books -- Guide to Mainland Belize, Fodor's Belize & Guatemala Guide, UpClose Central America, etc.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Plancencia - 06/21/01 04:13 AM

I was in Placencia last summer before going to SP. I thought it was a great place to hang out.Much quieter than the island . But it has its own special quality!Nicer beaches and really laid back atmosphere! I loved SP but i will probably go back to both places. The hotels/resorts seemed smaller and more private to me,about the same prices though. I understand the Reef is more accesable though, closer......Richard
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Re: Plancencia - 06/21/01 04:41 AM

The reef is further away in Placencia, not closer. Wonderful snorkeling but a longer boat trip!
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Plancencia - 06/21/01 07:06 PM

You are right about the reef! Don't know what i was thinking! My Dr. says i suffer from chronic Belikin deficiency, been a whole year now and the only cure is another trip to SP Town. And my Medical Ins won't cover the treatment either!
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Re: Plancencia - 06/22/01 04:30 PM

Placencia IMAHO has a cast away feel to it as Lan said the resorts are sort of isolated. Singing Sands Inn, the only one I've stayed at, was wonderful [NoAC--none needed] and is by its relative isolation, like an all inclusive. Maya beach area has really nice beaches and enough walking distance spots to provide diversions. To me, in a good way, it is like a coma; a hazy shimmering montage of simple meals, watersports, friendly travelers, and solicitious staff, and swaying hammocks.
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